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1946 - The Vanguard Press, New York - First American Edition, and First to be illustrated by Leslie Sherman
First American edition in fine and thus scarce first issue dust jacket (all brown and with price of $3.95 to front flap, and not to be confused with the second issue which had white flaps, white rear panel, and a price of ‘$2.75’).

Kafka's masterpiece of unease and black humour,
Metamorphosis, the story of an ordinary man transformed into an insect. ‘Encompassing themes of spiritual isolation, rejection of social systems, disillusionment and despair in the face of an ungovernable future’.

Originally published under the title of
Die Verwandlung in Leipzig in 1915, Metamorphosis was first translated into English by A. L. Lloyd in 1937, and to this, the first American edition, were added illustrations by noted Beat Generation artist Leslie Sherman, and a preface by Paul Goodman (1911-72). 
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Price HK$ 11,000