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Death in a White Tie - Ngaio Marsh

1938 - Geoffrey Bles, London - First Edition
“It is a curious thing that when one speaks from the heart it is invariably in the worst of taste.’

First edition of Marsh’s Death in a White Tie , and the seventh novel to feature the famed gentleman detective, Roderick Alleyn. Known as one of the seminal ‘Queens of Crime’, alongside titans such as Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, Marsh became one of the most influential crime writers of the 20th century, her novels recognisable for their witty dialogue, realistic settings, and fast paced plotting.  
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Price HK$ 2,800

The Queen's Awards, 1946 - Ellery Queen 

1948 - Victor Gollancz Ltd, London - First English Edition
Sixteen prize winning short stories, including pieces by Manly Wade Wellman, Manning Coles, Ngaio Marsh, Q. Patrick, Anthony Gilbert, William Faulkner, and Michael Innes, as well as Kenneth Millar's [Ross MacDonald] first published story, ’Find the Woman’.

A nice example in the delicate Gollancz dust jacket.
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Price HK$ 1,000