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Trial and Error - Anthony Berkeley

1937 - Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition
Dedicated to P. G. Wodehouse.

‘Non-descript, upstanding Mr Todhunter is told that he has only months to live. He decides to commit a murder for the good of mankind. Finding a worthy victim proves far from easy, and there is a false start before he settles on and dispatches his target. But then the police arrest an innocent man, and the honourable Todhunter has to set about proving himself guilty of the murder.’
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Love Among the Chickens - P. G. Wodehouse

1932 - George Newnes, London - Second printing of the Newnes paperback
Giving us our first jaw-dropping encounter with Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge, Love Among the Chickens, published in 1906 (and revised in 1920) to accommodate the inflation in egg prices), launched P.G. Wodehouse's career, and that of his larger-than-life-hero.

Ukridge has hit upon a foolproof plan to get rich quick: he's starting a chicken farm. Dragging his adoring wife Millie and his long-suffering friend and novelist Jeremy Garnet with him to Dorset he begins his enterprise. En route, however, Garnet has fallen in love.

Complications in classic Wodehousian style ensue, involving the taciturn Hired Man and his bumptious dog Bob, supercilious chickens, irascible professors, angry creditors and divided lovers. For the lucky reader, it is sheer hilarity...

A scarce copy of the Newnes softcover.
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Something Fresh - P. G. Wodehouse

1928 - Methuen & Co. Ltd., London - Twelfth Edition (first published 1915)
The one thing that could be expected to militate against the peace of life at Blandings is the constant incursion of impostors. Blandings has impostors like other houses have mice.

On this particular occasion there are two of them - both intent on a dangerous enterprise. Lord Emsworth's s secretary, the Efficient Baxter, is on the alert and determined to discover what if afoot - despite the distractions caused by the Hon. Freddie Threepwood's hapless afair of the heart.

The first Blandings Castle novel sets the standard for the parade of impostors on the premises.
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The Pothunters, Tales of St. Austin's, The Gold Bat, The Head of Kay's, - and - The White Feather. - P. G. Wodehouse

1972 to 1974 - Souvenir Press, London - First Souvenir Press Editions
‘Wodehouse in these early fables of inky fags and study fires at dusk, unwittingly released distant echoes of diaphanous lunacies to come....
Across the gulf of seventy years we perceive the authentic ambience’. - Benny Green,
The Spectator.

Five volumes encapsulating Wodehouse’s writing on boarding school life, the sports, camaraderie, Latin teachers, high jinks, and jolly good adventures. First published between 1902 to 1907.
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A Pelican at Blandings - P. G. Wodehouse

1969 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition
Unwelcome guests are descending on Blandings Castle – particularly the overbearing Duke of Dunstable, who settles in the Garden Suite with no intention of leaving, and Lady Constance, Lord Emsworth’s sister and a lady of firm disposition, who arrives unexpectedly from New York. Skullduggery is also afoot involving the sale of a modern nude painting (mistaken by Lord Emsworth for a pig). It’s enough to take the noble earl on the short journey to the end of his wits.

Luckily Clarence’s brother Galahad Threepwood, cheery survivor of the raffish Pelican Club, is on hand to set things right, restore sundered lovers and even solve all the mysteries.
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Ukridge - P. G. Wodehouse

1924 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition, in early issue (1940) dust jacket.
These ten stories are told by 'Corky' Corcoran, who had been at Wrykyn with Ukridge and to whom Ukridge was always a threat - borrowing money and clothes. Here we meet 'Battling' Billson, the soft-hearted heavyweight boxer whom Ukridge is promoting; Ukridge's rich Aunt Julia; George Tupper of the Foreign Office, another school friend of Ukridge's; Evan Jones, a Welsh revivalist whose preaching makes Battling Billson think fighting is wicked; Bowles, Corky's ex-butler landlord in Ebury Street; Flossie, the barmaid, Billson's fiancée; and Mabel Price of Clapham Common to whom Ukridge becomes perilously engaged. And finally Lady Lakenheath, Millie's Aunt Elizabeth with a multilingual parrot, Leonard. 
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The Inimitable Jeeves - P. G. Wodehouse

1923 - Herbert Jenkins Limited, London - First Edition, in early issue (1949) dust jacket.
Affairs of the heart run smoother for Jeeves's ministrations.

A collection of short stories masquerading as an episodic novel, eight set in England, one in New York, one in Roville-sur-mer. Seven of them feature Bertie's friend Bingo Little, in love successively with a teashop waitress, Honoria Glossop, Daphne Braythwayt, Charlotte Corday Rowbotham, Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley, Mary Burgess and, for marriage and keeps, Rosie M. Banks, the best-selling novelist. We also meet Claude and Eustace, Bertie's twin cousins, reading for, at, or sent down from, Oxford.
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Jill the Reckless - P. G. Wodehouse

1921 - Herbert Jenkins Limited, London - First English Edition, in early issue (1925) dust jacket.
Jill had money and was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. But when she suddenly becomes penniless, she finds herself no longer engaged. Refusing to be beaten, she heads for New York, with a smile that betrays a tinge of recklessness, to join the chorus of "The Rose of America".

A scarce near fine first edition, in good and unrestored early issue dust jacket.
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Price HK$ 7,000

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