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The Red Thumb Mark - Inscribed - R. Austin Freeman

1907 - Collingwood Bros., London - First Edition
‘One of the best detective story writers of all time’ - Hugh Greene, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes.

A wonderful author’s presentation copy of Freeman’s first, scarce, and groundbreaking crime novel, with handsome illustrated frontispiece depicting the protagonist and his assistant, by Thomas Edward Francis.

Inscribed ‘to ‘Elizabeth Heneman from her friend R. Austin Freeman aug. 1908’.

Freeman draws on his own experience as a colonial surgeon and lab technician to bring a new level of realism to the genre. Credited with inventing the first forensic detective novel, while retaining a narrative style reminiscent of Arthur Conan Doyle, the novel was groundbreaking in its approach of employing new crime analysis techniques as plot points, including the first known use of fingerprinting. Considered one of the most significant developments in crime fiction since the advent of Sherlock Holmes.
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The Singing Bone - R. Austin Freeman

1912 - Hodder and Stoughton, London - First Edition
A lauded and listed collection of five stories, beginning with The Case of Oscar Brodski, by the ‘true and undoubted ‘parent’ of the scientific detective story in the highest meaning of the phrase.’ (Haycraft, Murder for Pleasure.) First edition, with misprinted quotation mark on the title-page.

Symons in
Murder for Pleasure stresses the originality of this collection of short stories, in which we see a crime committed, and then watch Dr. John Thorndyke discover and follow clues that lead to the criminal, a concept known as the ‘inverted tale’. Symons also admired Freeman’s accuracy in detail, a result of Freeman’s medical training and perhaps his work as a medical advisor at Holloway Prison, and Haycraft points out that no other literary criminologist has been paid tribute of having his fictional methods put into use by the real police.

These ‘Freeman 'inverted' tales were a monumental contribution to the development of the detective story, and from them have stemmed some of the great modern masterpieces of crime writing.’ – Ellery Queen,
Queen’s Quorum. 
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The Jacob Street Mystery – Inscribed - R. Austin Freeman

1942 - Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition
First edition of Freeman’s last book, in which he has inscribed ‘W. P. Watt. With warmest greetings from his old friend, R Austin Freeman 24th June 1942.'

A Dr. Thorndyke mystery, scarce inscribed, more so with a dust jacket in such nice condition, the book itself is fine.

‘A peaceful, pleasant afternoon in the woodland scene of Linton Green is disturbed when a brutal murder takes place. But thanks to an unseen witness, the killer may be caught, and the witness turns out to be a blessing in disguise. This is the story of Thomas Pedley, a gifted artist who paints what he sees from memory’
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