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The Invisible President A Fu Manchu Series, Complete in Twelve Parts in Collier's Magazine - Sax Rohmer (pseudonym of Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward)

February 29 - Crowell Publishing Company, Springfield - First Editions
Dr. Fu Manchu finds the time ripe to reach out for America - beginning the most startling of all the master-criminal's singular adventures.

A scarce near fine set of twelve issues containing the complete Fu Manchu Series
The Invisible President, illustrated by C.C. Beall, and later published in book form as President Fu Manchu

In magnificent condition, as if they had just been placed on the doorstep of Mr. Chas Skinner of Watkins Glen, New York (the original recipient). Illustrations, stories, articles, cartoons, and advertisements, all wonderfully evoking a bygone era.

‘President’ Fu Manchu! Does the extent of his fiendish ambition know no bounds? 
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Price HK$ 9,800

1952 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition
The second of Sax Rohmer’s delightfully entertaining novels featuring the mysterious female criminal mastermind Sumuru, the female equivalent of Fu Manchu who, apart from being dazzlingly beautiful apparently has "infernal hypnotic gifts".

Sumuru and her organisation are dedicated to the elimination of ugliness and violence from the world. Their dream is a world of beauty, run by beautiful women. Their methods are ingenious and ruthless, and this time ‘Our Lady’ is in New York at her headquarters where the swimming pool is fitted out for her pet Barracuda - of course.
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1957 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition
A fine first edition of the thirteenth Fu Manchu adventure containing all of the required archetypes; square-jawed hero, fiendish oriental skullduggery and that particular fascination of Mr. Rohmer, the woman whose main value lies in her ability to fascinate and ensnare ANY man.

One can only assume that such women lead a very busy life of constant stress, and being taken under the shadowy wing of the arch-nemesis of western civilisation can only come as a relief. If nothing else it'll filter out all those guys called Chet who are '
only in town for the weekend', gather in sinister gangs in hotel bars and who have strangely pale patches where their wedding rings should be. (thanks to the legendary Jonathan Kearns for this description). 
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Price HK$ 4,000