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Notes on Yachts (First Series) - Edwin Brett

1869 - Sampson Low, London - First Edition
A superb example of this rare instructional, dealing with the design of yachts, together with a short overview of yacht sailing. Illustrated with frontispiece from a drawing by John Brett, engraved by J. D. Cooper.

Despite the notification of this being the
first Series in the title, there were no further series published. 
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The Arts of Rowing and Training, with an appendix containing the laws of boat-racing, etc., by Argonaut . - Brickwood Argonaut

1866 - Horace Cox, 346 - First Edition
A near fine and rare first edition of ‘in all probability the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’. It was written to supply “the want of a concise, yet withal comprehensive, manual on boat-racing”. Only one previous writer, says the preface, had “been found willing to bequeath to his successors the results of his observation and the fruits of his experience; and even he, if I am not mistaken, excelled rather as a coxswain than as an oarsman”. The reference is probably to A. T. Shadwell.

The contents, which “
embody the precepts which have of late contributed to the repeated successes of the Oxford University crew”, are arranged in 2 parts. Part I, “Rowing”, includes chapters on boats and their fittings, the art of rowing, coaching, steering, sculling, examples of form and style, and the conduct of regattas. The chapters on coaching deplore the contemporary sacrifice of form to pace. The chapter on boats gives an interesting account of the development of outrigged boats and a table of dimensions and prices.

In Part II, “Training”, running before breakfast is condemned, meat should be “just done to a turn, as it is called, not blue or half raw”, and the author expresses his opinion that a limited amount of smoking should be permitted except in exceptional cases.’ No raw vegetables or green tea, but make sure to have a beer with lunch (p. 133-134).
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Boat Racing: or The Arts of Rowing and Training - Edwin Dampier Brickwood (Amateur Ex-Champion of The Thames)

1876 - Horace Cox, 346 Strand - New Edition
Fine example of the rare second edition of ‘the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’ which adds the wonderful albumen photograph of an elegantly calm Henley and has been expanded with alterations bringing it up to date with the addition of historical matter. The most important being the invention and acceptance of the sliding seat between the first edition of 1866 and this second edition of 1876.

Brickwood is insistent on a good balance of work, diet, sleep and cleanliness. Breakfast of mutton chops or rump steaks, to which can be added some cold chicken or hot grilled fowl, an egg or two, lettuce or watercress, brown bread, and two cups of tea, lunch includes a slice or two of bread and butter and a half a pint of good sound ale, perhaps with a chop, dinner, being the main meal of the day is too large to list here, but should include a pint and a half of sound beer in the summer months, with a couple of glasses of claret, sherry, or port wine to finish it all off with. A glass of warm port wine or cup of tea without milk or sugar but with a teaspoonful of brandy is recommended between heats on race day....
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1896 - Longmans, London and Bombay - Number 193 of 250 Large Paper Deluxe Edition
A handsome copy of this large and comprehensive limited edition, an informative history and guide to the game of billiards, with contributions by A.H. Boyd, Sydenham Dixon, W.J. Ford, Dudley D. Pontifex, Russell D. Walker, and Reginald Rimington-Wilson.

Illustrated with eleven full page black and white plates by artist Lucien Davies, and numerous drawings and diagrams throughout the text.
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The Works of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte - Anne, Charlotte & Emily Bront

1893 - J.M. Dent and Company, London
An elegantly bound twelve volume set of the Brontë sisters works, each volume with a decorated title page and frontispiece, and two further black and white illustrated plates by Greig and Tilney (three to volume I).

Presented in a matching navy fleece-lined slipcase with ribbon-pull.
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The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke: With a Memoir - Rupert Brooke, Edward Marsh

1918 - Sidgwick &, London - First Edition
Out of the nothingness of sleep,
The slow dreams of Eternity,
There was a thunder on the deep:
I came, because you called to me
.’ – The Call.

A comprehensive collection of Brooke’s poems, finely bound by Bayntun Riviere of Bath, and housed in matching fleece-lined morocco clamshell case.

Illustrated with two black and white plates from photographic portraits of Rupert Brooke. In addition this is the first edition of Edward Marsh’s ‘
Memoir’ and an introduction to that memoir by Rupert Brooke’s father, published later as a separate volume.

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there's some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England's, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home
.’ – The Soldier. 
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Chafing-Dish Dainties - Mrs. Sarah Brownson How

1896 - Self Published. Printed by E. C. Lockwood, Brooklyn - First Edition
'At once a stove and kitchen - the chief recommendation of the Chafing-dish is that it may be brought into use at a moment's notice.

A rare and delightful guide to the benefits of the chafing-dish, with numerous recipes for eggs and omelettes, caramels, corned beef, lobster, macaroni, oysters, turkey, veal and sweetbreads.

‘There are all possibilities within the chafing dish, providing there is a cordon blue, who gives herself up to the task of managing it. If the cook be a novice, Mrs. Sarah Brownson How of Brooklyn in her pretty book “Chafing Dish Dainties” will explain all the niceties and there is also to be found an extensive menu, all to be cooked with a chafing dish.’ -
New York Times, New Book Review, 1897.

Mrs. Sarah Brownson How, a New York socialite gave frequent lectures on the art of housewifery as well as the history of New York.
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Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 1773 - James Bruce of Kinnaird

1790 - Printed by J. Ruthven, Edinburgh - First Edition
A superior set of the first edition in five large and finely bound volumes, one of the great annals of travel and explorations in Africa, a cornerstone of any collection of Africana. In addition to the three large folding copper-engraved maps, there are fifty-eight copper-engraved plates (four of which are maps or battle plans) and seven pages of Ethiopic language.

A Scotsman with ability and education, James Bruce, 1730-1794, was appointed the English consul to Algiers, serving for two years before resigning to roam North Africa investigating architectural ruins. Following this preparation, he set off to fulfil his great ambition, to discover the source of the Nile. His travels into Abyssinia, a remarkable solo undertaking, resulted in the present body of work which not only includes the narrative of his travels but also comments on the history and religion of Egypt, an account of Indian trade, a history of Abyssinia and other such material.

The DNB notes that while Bruce would not be confused with "a great scholar or a judicious critic..., few books of equal compass are equally entertaining; and few such monuments exist of the energy and enterprise of a single traveller." The many engraved plates are finely executed, and present primarily the flora and fauna encountered by Bruce on his travels.
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