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Unconditional Surrender - Evelyn Waugh

1961 - Chapman & Hall Ltd., London - First Edition
‘There was a regulation that if they remained at large in enemy territory for some weeks longer, they could be repatriated to the United States. It was for this that they had made a hazardous parachute jump and destroyed an expensive, very slightly damaged aeroplane.’

A fine and sharply turned out copy of the third work in the
Sword of Honour trilogy.

Beautifully structured and deeply melancholy account of England and the Second World War, which also contains moments and scenes of pure hilarity. Written in a spirit of great tenderness and tolerance and a sort of humility.’ - Callill & Toibin
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A Naturalist in Western China - Ernest Henry Wilson

1913 - Methuen & Co. Ltd., London - First Edition
‘Ernest Henry Wilson (1876–1930) was introduced to China in 1899 when, as a promising young botanist, he was sent there by horticulturalist Henry Veitch (1840–1924) to collect the seed of the handkerchief tree, Davidia involucrata, for propagation in Britain. Subsequent trips saw Wilson bringing back hundreds of seed samples and plant collections, introducing many Chinese plants to Europe and North America.

Although much of the text is concerned with plant life, Wilson also gives a great deal of attention to the wider landscape around him. In addition, Wilson took a camera, and these volumes contain photographs of parts of China rarely seen by Europeans in the early twentieth century. In Volume 1 he discusses his journey through China and in Volume 2 describes the Chinese use of plants in medicine and agriculture.’ -
Cambridge University Press.

A superb two volume set of the first edition, profusely illustrated throughout, with 101 black and white plates, mostly form photographs, and a large folding map in volume II after page 210.
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The Plain Dealer, A Comedy, As it is Acted as the Theatre-Royal - bound with - The Country-Wife. A Comedy Acted at the Theatre-Royal - William Wycherley

1727 - Printed for Richard, London
An early edition of what are considered Wycherley’s two finest and sauciest works of Restoration Comedy.

The Plain Dealer, first performed on 11 December 1676, is based on Molière's Le Misanthrope, and was highly praised by John Dryden and John Dennis, though it was equally condemned for its obscenity by many.

Voltaire said of it, ‘
Je ne connais point de comédie chez les anciens ni chez les modernes où il y ait autant d'esprit’, and then adapted it to make his own play, titled La Prude

The title character is Captain Manly, a sailor who doubts the motives of everyone he meets except for his sweetheart, Olivia, and his friend, Vernish. When Olivia jilts him and marries Vernish, he attempts to gain revenge by sending a pageboy (who, unknown to him, is a girl in disguise and is in love with him) to seduce Olivia. When the truth of the page's identity is discovered, Manly marries her instead.

The Country Wife, a product of the tolerant early Restoration period, reflects an aristocratic and anti-Puritan ideology, and was controversial for its sexual explicitness even in its own time. The title itself contains a lewd pun. It is based on several plays by Molière, with added features that 1670s London audiences demanded: colloquial prose dialogue in place of Molière's verse, a complicated, fast-paced plot tangle, and many sex jokes. It turns on two indelicate plot devices: a rake's trick of pretending impotence to safely have clandestine affairs with married women, and the arrival in London of an inexperienced young "country wife", with her discovery of the joys of town life, especially the fascinating London men.

The scandalous trick and the frank language have for much of the play's history kept it off the stage and out of print. Between 1753 and 1924, The Country Wife was considered too outrageous to be performed at all.
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Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather - Signed - Gao Xingjian

2004 - Harper Collins Publishers Inc., New York - First Edition in English
Written between 1983 and 1990, these beautifully translated stories take as their themes the fragility of love and life, and the haunting power of memory.

First edition of this short story collection, signed by the Nobel Prize winning author. Translated from the Chinese by Mabel Lee.
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“Chinese Babies” A Collection of Nursery Rhymes in English - Signed - Evelyn Young (editor and illustrator), Juliet Bredon, Dr. Isaac Taylor Headland

1932 - Tientsin Press, Tientsin - First Edition
With six full page coloured plates, coloured title page, and charming black and white sketches throughout by Evelyn Young.

The seventeen nursery rhymes are -
Little Small-Feet; The Small Storekeeper; The Cake Seller; The Little Girl's Dream; Dreamland; The Magician; Sweeter than Sugar; Little Gold Fish; Little Red Fire; The Dream Junk; Butterflies; Kite Flying; The Old Woman; The Bride; The Blind Man; The Little Bald-Head; Of What Use Is a Girl?; and Chinese Cradle Song.

The little stars in the Bamboo Grove
Are all set up so high
That little hands can never reach
To pull them from the sky.
But you shall ride on a magpie’s wing,
And travel up to see
If they are really precious gems
Worth bringing back to me
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