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Scoop - Evelyn Waugh

1933 - Chapman & Hall Ltd., London - First Edition First State
The essential journalist’s novel, with William Boot being hired by the Daily Beast to cover unfolding, or not, events in Ishmaelia.

‘Based on Waugh’s own experiences in Abyssinia in 1936, where he was writing for the
Daily Mail, the novel is a brilliantly comic satire of Fleet Street ethics and manners, and on the battle for readership between the Beast and the Brute.’ – Oxford Companion to English Literature. 
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The Inimitable Jeeves - P. G. Wodehouse

1923 - Herbert Jenkins Limited, London - First Edition, in early issue (1949) dust jacket.
Affairs of the heart run smoother for Jeeves's ministrations.

A collection of short stories masquerading as an episodic novel, eight set in England, one in New York, one in Roville-sur-mer. Seven of them feature Bertie's friend Bingo Little, in love successively with a teashop waitress, Honoria Glossop, Daphne Braythwayt, Charlotte Corday Rowbotham, Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley, Mary Burgess and, for marriage and keeps, Rosie M. Banks, the best-selling novelist. We also meet Claude and Eustace, Bertie's twin cousins, reading for, at, or sent down from, Oxford.
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Results 25 - 26 of 26 results