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South - The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917 - Ernest Shackleton

1919 - William Heinemann, London - First Edition, First Impression.
A legendary account of leadership. It was on this expedition that the marooned Shackleton made his famous voyage in a 22-foot boat with five companions through 800 miles of some of the stormiest seas in the world, finally reaching South Georgia and a Norwegian whaling station [Spence].

With 86 full page plates, and large folding map to the rear, many classic photographs existing only due to the stubbornness of Hurley, Shackleton’s photographer, in refusing to leave the plates behind to conserve energy and food.

An exceptional copy of a book that is notorious for its poor quality of paper and binding. Suitably housed in a custom clamshell case of half navy blue morocco leather over matching cloth, lined with felt, spine lettered in silver.
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Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan - Philip Sheridan

1888 - Charles L. Webster & Company, New York - First Edition
'Turning what bid fair to be a disaster into glorious victory stamps Sheridan, what I have always thought him, one of the ablest of generals.’ – Ulysses S. Grant, writing to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, of Sheridan’s victory over the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864.

A bright two-volume set of American Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan’s memoirs – considered one of the best first-hand accounts of the Civil War and of the Indian wars which followed – each volume features frontispiece portraits of the author, and numerous plates and folding maps throughout.
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Great Books and Book Collectors - Signed by the author and illustrator - Alan G. Thomas, Reynolds Stone (illustrator)

1975 - Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London - First Edition, number 14 of 100 deluxe copies.
A fine and scarce elegantly bound limited edition with an original engraved title-page by Reynolds Stone, signed and numbered by him, each copy is also signed and numbered by the author, Alan G. Thomas, to the limitation page at the rear.

A surpassingly handsome book dealing with early manuscripts, the dawn of printing, bookbinding, the Bible and early works in Hebrew, colour plate illustrations, private press books, first editions, fakes and forgeries, and profiles of great collections and their owners. Enhanced with 40 colour and 250 black and white illustrations.
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

1971 - Random House, New York - First Edition
We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.

‘..a scorching epochal sensation. There are only two adjectives writers care about any more…. “brilliant” and “outrageous” … and Hunter Thompson has a free hold on both of them.’ - Tom Wolfe.

Visually stimulated by Ralph Steadman’s equally savage illustrations.
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The Brigand - Edgar Wallace

1927 - Hodder and Stoughton, London - First Edition
Lovely fine copy, in the scarce first edition dust jacket, albeit with later strengthening.

‘Anthony Newton was a soldier at sixteen; at twenty-six he was a beggar of favours, a patient waiter in outer offices, a more or less meek respondent to questionnaires which bore a remarkable resemblance one to the other. Newton struggled through eight years of odd jobs. And at the end of the eighth year he discussed the situation with himself and soberly elected for brigandage of a safe and more or less unobjectionable variety.

The dictionary defines a brigand as a robber or a bandit, particularly from an outlaw band. But that definition is perhaps too harsh for Tony Newton; he focuses on "the art of gentle robbery." And he succeeds, as he himself modestly admits.

The Brigand is a collection of twelve stories, each an escapade of Tony Newton as he moves from one adventure to another, one gullible rich man to another, escaping a detection here, a marriage to a "plum pudding girl" there, a murder attempt elsewhere, even becoming a successful member of the House of Commons in one delightful episode.

The Brigand is Edgar Wallace at his best - simple story lines, a loveable character with whom you empathise even though you know that he not quite on the straight path, a bit of crime, loads of humour, some deceptively simple philosophising. Among the lesser known one-book-only characters created by Edgar Wallace, Tony Newton would probably be right up there on the top.’ 
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1902 - Freemantle & Company & J. B. Lippincott Company, London & Philadelphia - The Winchester Edition
A superb example of the beautifully presented two volume Winchester Edition, containing thirty full page etchings by D. Y. Cameron and William Strang, and forty two in-text engravings, and a folding facsimile of Izaak Walton’s Last Will and Testament.

The most enduring distinction of the
Complete Angler is the one cast off by its subtitle The Contemplative Man's Recreation with its graceful evocations of a life free from hurly-burly in the company of friends intent on physical and moral sustenance. The range of perspectives that Walton brings to bear on his rural descriptions embrace literature, poetry, music and anecdote. 
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1912Carlisle - First Edition
Pre-dating Bear Bryant and Bobby Bowden, Glenn Scobey ‘Pop’ Warner had the most wins of any coach in major college football history (319–106–32). Warner was the innovator behind the single-wing formation, a precursor to the modern spread and shotgun formations.

The plan of teaching football by mail was suggested to me several years ago by the fact that there seemed to be no means available by which a student of the game could obtain instruction except by putting himself under the supervision of professional coaches upon the field of play . . . The course has not been prepared for the general public but is strictly a text book for players and for those whose business or pleasure it may be to instruct players and teams.‘ – From the preface.

A bright and clean copy of this early work, profusely illustrated with photographic figures and drawn diagrams of equipment, technique, and strategy. There is a frontispiece photograph of the author.
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British Sports and Sportsmen: Cricket and Football. Compiled and Edited by ‘The Sportsman’ - P. F. Warner [editor]

1917 - British Sports and Sportsmen, London - Royal edition, limited to 250 copies, of which this is number 105.
Beginning, of course, with a frontispiece of W. G. Grace, this magnificently bound limited edition large folio (39 x 29 cm) is profusely illustrated with fourteen full page photogravure plates and 321 black and white images. With contributions by major sportsmen and players of the era, and edited by Sir Pelham Francis Warner, known affectionately as the Grand Old Man of English Cricket.

Covering Cricket (1-212), Association Football (213-244, 315-344), Rugby (245-301), and the final double century of pages with profiles of ‘
Prominent Players and their Performances’ (345-573). Huzzah!

Examples of the chapters on Cricket include ‘
Tours at Home and Abroad’, ‘Batsmen: By A Bowler’, ‘Bowlers: By A Batsman’, and ‘Public Schools Cricket’. Chapters on Rugby and Football include ‘The Rise of Rugby Football’, ‘Rugby Football at Universities’,‘The Evolution of Association Football’, and ‘Form at Football’. 
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Price HK$ 4,000

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