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Death in the House - Anthony Berkeley

1939 - Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition
A rare Berkeley title.

‘Lord Wellacombe, Secretary of State for India, dies whilst giving a speech to introduce a new bill on the floor of the House of Commons. His untimely demise looks like a stroke, but is it mere coincidence that a threat on his life had been made? The bill needs to be passed, but is anyone brave enough to defy the threats and risk potential murder?’

Enter Lord Arthur...
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Crime Collection - 24 Volumes - Agatha Christie

1969-1972 - Paul Hamlyn, London - First Edition Thus
The works by the ‘Queen of Crime’ - 72 novels and short story collections hand-bound in twenty four scarlet-red morocco volumes (three titles per volume). An eye-catching and comprehensive set including all the elusive early titles, from The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd to Hallowe'en Party and Passenger to Frankfurt.

The only major collection of Christie's novels to date, issued as a set for subscribers and endorsed by Agatha Christie. It includes all the published crime novels up to 1970, and features a foreword by the author in the first volume.

Christie’s works have stood the test of time. In 2013,
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was voted the best crime novel ever by 600 fellow writers of the Crime Writers' Association, and she is listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling novelist of all time, her novels have sold an estimated two billion copies, and her estate claims that her works come third in the rankings of the world's most-widely published books, behind Shakespeare's works and the Bible. They have been translated into over 100 languages, with and Then There Were None selling over 100 million copies (as at 2014), making it the world’s best selling mystery ever.

Reference: Haycraft,
Murder for Pleasure 129. 
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A Murder is Announced - Agatha Christie

1950 - Published for The Crime Club by Collins, London - First Edition
A handsomely bound first edition of this Miss Marple classic.

Guests expecting a party game of murder at a country retreat are horrified to discover a real corpse, and another case for Miss Jane Marple ensues.
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Peril at End House - Agatha Christie

1932 - Published for The Crime Club Ltd. by W. Collins Sons &, London - First English Edition
An exquisitely bound first edition of this early Poirot mystery, solved with the assistance of Captain Hastings.

Based on an actual location visited by Christie in her hometown of Torquay.

‘Nick Buckley was an unusual name for a pretty young woman. But then she had led an unusual life. First, on a treacherous Cornish hillside, the brakes on her car failed. Then, on a coastal path, a falling boulder missed her by inches. Later, an oil painting fell and almost crushed her in bed. Upon discovering a bullet-hole in Nick's sun hat, Hercule Poirot decides the girl needs his protection. At the same time, he begins to unravel the mystery of a murder that hasn't been committed. Yet.’
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The Clocks - Agatha Christie

1963 - Published for The Crime Club by Collins, London - First Edition
An exquisitely bound first edition in which the son of Superintendent Battle, the long-time partner of Hercule Poirot, calls the Belgian detective to a quite seaside resort to help unravel the murder of the man with the clocks, resulting in the most baffling puzzle of Poirot’s career - and one of Christie’s most ingenious. 
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Minions of the Moon - Eden Phillpotts

1934 - Hutchinson &, London - First Edition
First edition in a near fine and rare example of the dust jacket. A historical novel of Napoleonic times in Devonshire, and of course the prison of Dartmoor, which even then stood upon those desolate moors, with escapes, adventures, highway robbery, romance and full blooded drama.

True first edition in black cloth with yellow lettering, and publisher’s autumn 19324 catalogue to rear.
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1908 - The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis - First Edition
First edition, in which all goes wrong for a wealthy, middle-aged spinster renting a millionaire’s mansion for the summer holidays in California. Illustrated with one colour and six black and white plates by Lester Ralph.

This is Rinehart’s first successful novel and was wildly popular when it first came out in 1907. She went on to become America’s highest pad author before the war. It is the book which invented the ‘
Had I But Known It’ school of detective fiction, in which the principal character's actions have the effect of inadvertently prolonging the mystery and the action. Ogden Nash famously parodied this form of mystery writing in his poem Don't Guess Let Me Tell You: “Had I but known what I know now, I could have saved at least three lives by revealing to the Inspector what I heard through that fortuitous hole in the floor!”. 
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Price HK$ 900