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Present Indicative - Noël Coward

1937 - Doubleday, Garden City - First Edition
First edition of the first of Noël Coward’s autobiographies, sumptuously bound by Zaehnsdorf for Asprey’s of London, which he would have approved wholeheartedly.

Illustrated with numerous black and white photographs - ‘I was photographed naked on a cushion very early in life, an insane, toothless smile slitting my face and pleats of fat overlapping me like an ill-fitting overcoat. Later, at the age of two, I was photographed again. This time in a lace dress, leaning against a garden roller and laughing hysterically. If these photographs can be found they will adorn this book.’

‘Thus begins the life story of one of the most celebrated characters in British theatrical history. Displaying an early dedication to the theatre,
Present Indicative hints at the success that would come to Coward as actor, playwright, novelist and performer. Each line is punctuated with his trademark effervescent wit, making this book a comic tour de force in it's own right.’ [Methuen] 
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Gun Cotton - Adventurer - Inscribed - Rupert Grayson

1933 - Grayson & Grayson, London - First Edition
Inscribed ‘With best wishes to my old friend Arthur Richardson from Rupert Grayson’.

This time Gun Cotton sails for New York.

First edition of the third ‘Gun Cotton’ book, in a bright example of the scarce and delicate dust jacket.
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Escape with Gun Cotton - Inscribed - Rupert Grayson

1934 - Grayson & Grayson, London - First Edition
Inscribed to the title page ‘With best wishes to Francis from Rupert’.

First edition of the scarce fifth book in the ‘Gun Cotton’ series, in which Gun Cotton, working for the Secret Service, assists smuggling people out of Russia and then Finland, he soon has to show his mettle as he gets into one tighter corner after another, angry Russian government heavies breathing down his neck...
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Gun Cotton - Ace High - Inscribed - Rupert Grayson

1937 - Grayson & Grayson, London - First Edition
Inscribed to the title page ‘Gwen and Francis with love from Rupert’ author’s printed name crossed through and replaced with hand written initials ‘R G’.

First edition of the tenth book in the ‘Gun Cotton’ series. This time Gun encounters a ring of espionage and deceit whose aims are to smuggle top secret plans for the latest naval technology...

Gun’s nerves were taut as fiddle-strings. Every ounce of his mentality was in play, and strained to its highest effort.’ 
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