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The Moon And Sixpence - William Somerset Maugham

1919 - George H. Doran, New York - First American Edition
A finely bound work, inspired by the turbulent life of the painter, Paul Gauguin, The Moon And Sixpence examines the nature of creative genius.  
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Theatre: A Novel - William Somerset Maugham

1937 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First English Edition, second state.
A bright sharp and near fine copy of Maugham's tribute to the vocation of an actress. 
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Ah King - Six Stories - William Somerset Maugham

1933 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First Edition
"But human beings are incalculable and he is a fool who tells himself that he knows what a man is capable of."

A fine copy in bright sharp dust jacket.

Six short stories which, as Maugham explained in the preface, revolve around Ah King, a Chinese boy that he had as a servant to look after him during his trip to Borneo, Indo-China and Siam. It is to be a commemoration for the emotion that Ah King, who otherwise was placid and indifferent, showed when they were to part. The stories were set in places in which the two travelled together.
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Cakes and Ale - or - The Skeleton in the Cupboard - William Somerset Maugham

1930 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First Edition
“Enjoy yourself while you have the chance, I say; we shall all be dead in a hundred years and what will anything matter then?”

A beautiful first edition of Somerset Maugham's classic satirical novel; a story of literary poseurs, fame, hypocrisy and freedom, narrated by novelist William Ashenden, Maugham's alter-ego who had already appeared in '
Ashenden', the fictional account of his Secret Service work in World War I.

The book I like best is Cakes and Ale. It was an amusing book to write. 
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