Around the United States by Bicycle - Claude C. Murphey 1906 - Raynor & Taylor, Detroit - First Edition An near fine and extremely rare copy of this wonderful book, profusely illustrated with drawings by Eustace Paul Ziegler, and by photograph plates from photographs taken by Clarence M. Darling.

The story of how a pair of young men, Clarence M. Darling and Claude C. Murphy, bicycled across the United States on a wager. The terms were that the entire journey was to be completed in 1 year and 6 months time, and without a penny to their name, any funds used had to be raised from the sale of an aluminum card-receiver or ash-tray, they were not allowed to beg, work, borrow, nor steal.
  ‘Clarence M. Darling and Claude C. Murphey, age 19 and 20 respectively, left Jackson, Michigan, on May 2, 1904, to make a trip by bicycle through every state and territory within the boundary lines of the United States proper, namely, fortv-five states, four territories, and the District of Columbia. The trip was the result of a wager. Upon the success of the tour a purse of five thousand dollars would be won by the two contestants providing that they lived up to all the terms and stipulations of the wager. The conditions were that they were to start on this long journey penniless, while on the trip they were neither to beg, work, borrow, nor steal, all the expenses of the tour to be met by the profits resulting from the sale of an aluminum card-receiver or ash-tray

Also the entire journey was to be made and completed within one year and six months from the date of starting, that is before November 2, 1905.

The young wheelmen made all of the western states without breaking any of the conditions, though meeting with adventures of every description, in some of which the hideous countenance of Death stared them in the face, and as to the financial part : In crossing the Green River Desert in Utah the total capital of the two belated tourists was but two cents; the Southern and Atlantic Coast states were also traversed with all stipulations fulfilled ; but when Vermont was reached, the boys became financially embarrassed, and were not able even to give their souvenirs away, much less sell them. How they
went without food as long as the human body could stand, and what further adventures they met, the reader will find narrated in the later pages of this book.

The start was made in front of the Hotel Otsego, Jackson, thence going westward on the main street of the city. At the finish, exactly one year, three months, six days and forty-five minutes later, the boys came from the eastward on the same street, dismounting at the identical spot from which they had departed, in the meantime having traversed every state in the Union on bicycles, and having covered exactly thirteen thousand four hundred and seven (13,407) miles.’ - from the ‘

Provenance: From the Estate of Daniel R. Davis of Seattle, Washington.
pp. [2] 362 [8]
  Condition: A near fine copy, light rubbing to corners, one leaf loose.   Ref: 105203   Price: HK$ 7,000