The Lost Get-Back Boogie - James Lee Burke 1986 - Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge - First Edition, first printing in Glossy Jacket Rejected a total of 111 times over a period of nine years before the LSU finally agreed to publish it. During this time Burke was not able to get any other novel published and apparently this many rejections is still a publishing industry record. It was subsequently nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

The Lost Get-Back Boogie is the story of Iry Paret, a young blues musician who moves to Montana following his release from a Louisiana prison and becomes involved in a family's struggle against a company that is polluting the local river, and with the estranged wife of his best friend.
  ‘A powerfully written book.’ - New York Times Book Review.

‘This wonderful novel is neither romantic nor cynical in its realism. . . . It contrasts two very different parts of America's essence—the hazy bayou and a resolute valley in the beautiful West.’ -
Publishers Weekly.

Reference: John Connolly, an Interview with James Lee Burke, web
pp. [10] 241 [3]
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