Metropolis - Thea von Harbou 1927 - The Readers Library Publishing Company Ltd., London - First Edition in English, First issue [no mention of Metropolis in list of Readers Library titles] A scarce copy of this influential work. In the striking dust jacket.

When Thea von Harbou became Fritz Lang's second wife in 1922, she'd already established herself as an important author and screenwriter. The idea for Metropolis emerged from a novella she'd written a few years previously. The finished novel of Metropolis was written while she (with assistance from Lang) worked on the screenplay, and published in German in 1926, with this, the first edition in English published in 1927, the year the film was released.
  ‘The initial scenario for Metropolis was most likely developed by Thea von Harbou and Fritz Lang sometime during the latter half of 1923, when von Harbou was nearing the end of her work on Lang's film Die Nibelungen. By the early part of 1924 the script was taking shape, and during a brief Austrian holiday in June of 1924 (refer Chronology) the public was informed of the couple's new project. As a result of Lang's subsequent visit to America in October of that year, the director clarified the visual aspects of his proposed film and assisted his wife develop the scenario further. The actual script was then refined and adapted by the pair throughout 1925-6, as filming took place. It is unclear as to precisely when Thea von Harbou completed the manuscript for the novel, however it was published in Berlin at the end of 1926 by A. Scherl, in an edition of 273 pages with dustjacket art by Walter Reimann. Signed copies of the book were available for the film's premiere at the Ufa-Palast, Berlin, on 10 January 1927. The English-language version was published shortly thereafter in February 1927, under the imprint of the Readers Library Publishing Company.

Thea von Harbou's original novel varies somewhat from the film as shot by Fritz Lang during 1925-6. This version was initially presented to the German public on 10 January 1927. However, the subsequent savage editing by an American team under Channing Pollock detroyed Lang's original film and gave rise to substantial departures from the scenario as presented in the novel. It is obvious from a reading of Thea von Harbou's 1926 text, that the novel was meant to complement the movie and expand upon ideas and concepts presented therein. As a result of the deletion of the Hel sub-plot from the film - a strand which explained the erratic and strange behaviour of Rotwang - all versions of the movie which appeared outside of Germany after March 1927, and even within Germany after August 1927, were left with a flawed, often incomprehensible plot. The heart and soul had been taken out of the film, and what was left was primarily visual spectacle. The need for Thea von Harbou's book to explain the film was all the more necessary as a result of the cuts and re-editing of Fritz Lang's original three hour plus director's cut. - Michael Organ,
Metropolis Film Archive [].

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