The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes - Beatrix Potter 1911 - Frederick Warne and Co., London - First Edition, First or Second Printing Once upon a time there was a little fat comfortable grey squirrel, called Timmy Tiptoes.

Beatrix Potter wrote
Timmy Tiptoes in response to the letters she was receiving from American children and librarians, resulting in the appearance of not only grey squirrels but chipmunks and bears as well.
  First edition, one of the first two printings, both of which are identical according to Linder [429]. 1911 on the front of the title page [correct for the first two printings]. Correct endpapers [Linder 414, front - fig.7 (left), fig.6 (right), rear fig.6 (left), fig.7 (right)]. Original olive-green paper boards. First printing October (25,000 copies), second printing November (10,000 copies).

References: Linder
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pp. [7] 8-85 [1] - Illustrations included in pagination
  Condition: Near fine, small patch of abrasion to front board   Ref: 107450   Price: HK$ 9,000