The Morals of Confucius. A Chinese Philosopher who flourished above five Hundred Years before the coming of Christ. Being one of the choicest Pieces of Learning remaining of that Nation. - Confucius Circa 1760-80 - Printed for Randal Taylor, London - First Thus SEND TO CANADA FOR REBIND/

A later 18th century reprint of this work and the first to include the folding frontispiece engraving of Confucius (often missing). First published in 1691 and scarce in any early edition, more so this edition with the engraving. In contemporary binding, and with decorations to title page, six headpieces, and three tailpieces.

Beginning with a ‘
Preface’ introducing this translation and its sources, followed by ‘Part First’ titled ‘Of the Antiquity and Philosophy of the Chinese’, then ‘Part II’ which offers selected translations from the three books, and ends with 80 ‘Maxims’.

‘The great Chinese teacher Confucius (551 BC–479 BC) articulated a philosophy based on the concepts of ren (‘benevolence’ or ‘compassion’) and li (‘ritual’ or ‘propriety’). He hoped to create the ideal, superior man (junzi) and thereby facilitate a just society.

Confucius’s teachings were highly influential across China and large areas of east Asia for almost two millennia before this 1691 work offered English readers their first introduction to his philosophical approach. It provides an account of Confucius’s life and times, as well as 80 of his maxims.

This English-language text is based on a French-language edition published in 1688, which in turn relied on a Latin work of 1687 published in Paris.’ - Marsh’s Library, Dublin.
  An early reprint of the 1691 first edition (which can be identified on the title page by the statement ‘Licensed Feb. 25. 1691 J. Fraser.’, and the twin lines bordering the title texts). The text is identical to the first edition of 1691 printed for Randal Taylor, with the exception of a few lines at the beginning and end of the Preface (there is little change to the second edition of 1706 printed for T. Horne (and the 1724 reprint of the second edition Printed for F. Fayram), with the exception of the title page text). The major difference between this copy and the first two editions is the inclusion of the frontispiece engraving of Confucius, and the format (duodecimo, instead of octavo). (Note: There have also been reference to a 1718 and 1729 edition, but we can find no evidence of these).

Provenance: With signature of A. T. Lowe.

Reference: Lowendahl 186. Cordier, Biblioteca Sinica, 1394 (stated as the 1691 edition, but actually this edition, being duodecimo with matching pagination xx 183. Cordier also gives details of the 1724 edition as the second edition).

Duodecimo (binding size 17 x 10.5 cm) pp. [2] xx 183 [3].

Contents:- p.1-48 - The Morals of Confucius, A Chinese Philosopher. Part First. Of the Antiquity and Philosophy of the Chinese; p.49-90 - A Collection out of Confucius’s Works. Part II. Book I.; p.91-121 - A Collection out of Confucius’s Works. Book Second.; p.123-149 - A Collection out of Confucius’s Works. Book Third.; p.151-183 - Maxims.
  Contemporary full brown sheep, spine in six compartments, raised bands, burgundy morocco label lettered in gilt and with triple gilt fillet borders, edges sprinkled red.   Condition: Very good, toning to edges of endpapers, offsetting from frontis, binding with wear to corners, and slight loss to head of spine, outer hinges rubbed and cracked but strong, pin-holes to front and rear board.   Ref: 109336   Price: HK$ 21,000