A Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Jules Verne 1876 - Griffith and Farran, London - Fourth Printing. [New Edition] A smart copy with the same pictorial covers and 52 full page monochrome illustrations by Riou as the first English edition of 1871.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth literally plunges the reader into the centre of the earth through vivid description, detailed explanations, and the "eyewitness" accounts of the narrator. On the most basic level, Journey is an adventure story, a tale of the obstacles, encounters, and wonders.

The eccentric scientist Professor Hardwigg finds directions to the centre of the earth in an old book and sets out, along with his nephew Henry and the guide Hans, to Iceland where they find the mountain and the shaft that allows them access to the depths of the earth. On a deeper level the story can be seen as man's journey into himself, always probing deeper for what lies at his centre. [Mitchell]
  A sepia toned Woodburytype photographic print of Jules Verne is loosely inserted. It is signed ‘A mes bons amis, les jeunes Anglais - Jules Verne’, but this appears to be a facsimile signature not an original.

pp. viii 384, 8 advertisements.
  Condition: A very good copy, which has been rebacked with new endpapers, edges a little rubbed.   Ref: 103367   Price: HK$ 4,500