The Pugilist at Rest - Stories - SIGNED - Thom Jones 1993 - Little, Boston Toronto London - First Edition The Pugilist at Rest appeared in the early summer of 1993 and received almost unparalleled attention for a first collection of short stories. For many, Jones, a relatively unknown forty-seven-year-old former janitor when The New Yorker published the first of these stories, was a story himself, the embodiment of perseverance.   Thom Jones has a past as a boxer, an alcoholic, a Recon Marine, and a janitor, which has brought him to his present state as an epileptic (a military brawl began the epileptic fits for which he was discharged) and one of the finest short-story craftsman writing today. (AC)

By summer's end The Pugilist at Rest had received featured reviews in such mass-market periodicals as the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, and Time, and the author was credited with the advent of "The New Machoism." Stories were anthologized in Best American Short Stories. awarded the Best American Short Stories Award in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. In addition, he received the O. Henry Award and a National Book Award nomination in 1993.

‘Writers as good as Thom Jones appear but rarely. The original poetry of his fictional world is irresistible, and the sense that he knows this world absolutely has cleansed his prose and produced an affectless sheen.’ -
New York Times Book Review.

‘A tense, edgy pleasure….Thom Jons’s first book is a sheaf of extraordinary short stories.’ -

‘An audacious and powerful talent…. Jone has something fundamental to say to us, and the craft and grit to make us listen.’ -
LA Times Book Review.

pp. [10] 230.
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