Sketches of China: with Illustrations from Original Drawings - W. W. Wood 1830 - Carey & Lea, Philadelphia - First Edition A rare little treasure with six lithograph plates from drawings by Wood.

William Wightman Wood was an early influential American writer from Philadelphia who worked in Canton with Russell & Company. Wood wrote for, edited, and published two early newspapers, the Canton Register in 1827 and, in 1831, the Chinese Courier and Canton Gazette. He was also a friend of George Chinnery, once challenged the editor of the Canton Register, Arthur Keating, to a duel, and after being refused the hand of Harriet Lowe, a Salem girl who travelled to China with her uncle, who was also working for Russell & Co., Wood decamped to the Philippines where he became one of the first photographers in the far east.
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Price: HK$ 8,000