Russko-Kitaiskii Slovar [Russian-Chinese Dictionary] - Pavel Stepanovich Popov [Popoff] 1900 - San-Kio-Sha, Tokyo - Second Edition, Second Printing First published in Russia 1879 and now an extreme rarity; this is a Japanese printing of Popov’s corrected and enlarged second edition published in Peking 1896, the Introduction to which is reprinted here.

Pavel Popov (Popoff) (1842-1913) was the Russian Consul-General in Peking and Correspondent of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. In addition to this dictionary, he published numerous tracts on Chinese affairs, and completed Palladii Kafarov’s unfinished Chinese-Russian Dictionary published in Peking in 1888 (although credited as editor, both Popov and Palladius (aka Palladii or Pyotr Kafarov), each dedicated eight years of their lives to the dictionary).
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