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Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram-Himalayas - William Martin Conway, A. D. McCormick (illustrator)

1894 - T. Fisher Unwin, London - First Edition
The Karakoram is a range of mountains approximately 200 miles long, lying to the north of the western edge of the Himalayan chain, and spanning the borders of Pakistan, India, and China. It is the most heavily glaciated region in the world excepting the polar areas. South of the main crest lies a secondary line of peaks. Conway led the first mountaineering expedition to the region in 1892. They surveyed the Hispar and Baltero glaciers and climbed the 23,000 ft (6,550 metre) Pioneer Peak, achieving a height record. Conway was knighted for his efforts.

Mountains that have no names I have named myself, for the purposes of this book and map, applying descriptive designations to them and never the names of persons. I have not called “K.2” Mount Godwin-Austen, greatly though I appreciate that officer’s work. I wished to name the mountain Watchtower, but as any alternative designation seemed to give offence, where none was intended, I have confined myself to the letter and number of the Indian Atls’ - Conway, in his preface, explaining his reason for naming the legendary 28,251 ft (8,611 metre) peak K2.

This is a fine and thus scarce first edition of his account of the expedition, over 700 pages illustrated with a folding map and 300 black and white sketches, photographs and diagrams. A cornerstone of Himalayan mountaineering literature.
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A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi - M.C. Cooke

1898 - W. H. Allen and Co., London - Sixth Edition, Revised
An informative Victorian-era reference to British fungi, wonderfully illustrated with 20 full page colour plates of thirty-four species and numerous woodcuts throughout the text.

Mordecai Cubitt Cooke (1825-1914) was an English botanist and mycologist. From 1872 to 1894, he edited
Grevillea, a monthly periodical devoted to the study of mushrooms.

The word ‘esculent’ means ‘edible’.
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The Wild Life of Scotland - James Hunter Crawford

1896 - John Macqueen, London - First Edition
A beautiful copy, illustrated throughout by John Williamson.

Including chapters on bird life, the moors, marine mammals and fish, the stag, lochs and the Shetlands.

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Motoritis or Other Interpretations of the Motor Act - Charles ‘Chas’ Crombie (illustrator)

1906 - Simpkin, London - First Edition
A superb rare and large (38 x 27.5 cm) folio. ‘Motoritis’ contains twelve colour plates of humorous ‘Other Interpretations’ of the newly passed 1904 Motor Car Act. Section 1 of the Act introduced the crime of reckless driving, which Crombie aptly illustrates in the third plate.

Produced for ‘Perrier’ ‘The Champagne of Table Waters’, with additional colour plate advertisement for them, and bottle labels to the verso of each of Crombie’s illustrations.
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The Rules of Golf Illustrated - Charles ‘Chas’ Crombie (illustrator)

1905 - Perrier, London - First Edition
A superb large (27 x 37 cm) folio.

The first edition of Crombie’s well known and oft reprinted humorous interpretations of twenty four rules of golf, each accompanied by a quote from Shakespeare, Lang, Chaucer, etc. The twenty four full colour chromolithograph plates are bound in the publisher’s original green cloth boards lettered in red and black.

Produced for ‘Perrier’ ‘The Champagne of Table Waters’, with bottle labels to the verso of each illustration.
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Two Years Before The Mast. A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea - Richard Henry Dana Jr., Edw. W. Wilson (illustrator)

1930 - The Lakeside Press, Chicago - Limited edition of 1, 000 copies
‘Dana had to withdraw from Harvard when measles weakened his eyesight; in order to regain his health; he shipped to California as a sailor in 1834. His book has become a classic account of the life and adventures of an ordinary seaman in the American merchant service, as well as the best account of the hide and tallow trade in California.’ Together with its clear picture of California in the years prior to the influx of American settlers in the 1840’s, Two Years Before The Mast is considered invaluable for its descriptions of San Diego, Santa Barbara and Monterey. ‘Dana later became U.S. attorney for the district of Massachusetts, was nominated to the Court of Saint James, and legally represented any negroes arrested in Boston pro-bono.’

A superb, and unopened copy. Designed by Alfred deSauty with stunning illustrations and cloth binding with gilt motifs designed by Edw. A. Wilson who was also provided the thirty seven coloured plates and in text illustrations.
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Golf Between Two Wars - Bernard Darwin

1944 - Chatto & Windus, London - First Edition
A finely bound first edition of Darwin’s recollections of the great golf and golfers, champions and championships, covering two of the most interesting decades in the history of the game. The 1920s and ‘30s were a time when, Darwin realised upon reflection, 'almost everything happened'. Illustrated with nineteen black and white photographs.

‘One of Mr. D’s most famous books’ – Joseph S. F. Murdoch,
The Library of Golf.

Golf’s finest scribe, Bernard Darwin, whose grandfather was Charles Darwin, never trained as a journalist. He studied law at Cambridge, but was unhappy as a Barrister. "Once Darwin dipped his toe into golf writing, the reports he produced regularly for The Times of London over a 45 year period and his ruminative essays for the weekly Country Life possessed a quality that no one else has ever approached." –
Herbert Warren Wind. 
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The Art of the Tennis- Racket Maker, and of Tennis, Originally Published in French in 1767, and Now Translated Into English for the first time by Catherine W. Leftwich - Francois Alexander Pierre De Garsault

1977 - Racquet Sports Information Service, Baltimore - Limited Edition - 723 of 750 copies
‘From a historical viewpoint ‘L’Art du paumier-raquetier at de la paume’ by Francois A. deGarsault is one of the most valuable works available on the early history of tennis. At the time of publication this book contained the most detailed descriptions available on every aspect of the game of tennis.’

This is a nicely produced limited edition of a scarce privately printed book from 1938, with new introduction, reproductions of the five original plates from the 1767 edition, and a black and white frontispiece showing the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, Rhode Island to which this limited edition is dedicated.
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