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The Art of the Tennis- Racket Maker, and of Tennis, Originally Published in French in 1767, and Now Translated Into English for the first time by Catherine W. Leftwich - Francois Alexander Pierre De Garsault

1977 - Racquet Sports Information Service, Baltimore - Limited Edition - 723 of 750 copies
‘From a historical viewpoint ‘L’Art du paumier-raquetier at de la paume’ by Francois A. deGarsault is one of the most valuable works available on the early history of tennis. At the time of publication this book contained the most detailed descriptions available on every aspect of the game of tennis.’

This is a nicely produced limited edition of a scarce privately printed book from 1938, with new introduction, reproductions of the five original plates from the 1767 edition, and a black and white frontispiece showing the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, Rhode Island to which this limited edition is dedicated.
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Songs of the Late Charles Dibdin; With A Memoir - T. Dibdin (Compiler), G. Cruikshank (Illustrator)

1850 - Henry G. Bohn, London - Third Edition
‘I be one of they sailors who think ‘tis no lie,
That for every wherefore of life there’s a why,
That fortune’s strange weather, a calm or a squall,
Our berths, good or bad, are chalk’d out for us all.’

A melodious collection of patriotic sea songs, composed by British writer and dramatist, Charles Dibdin, who according to
The Spectator in 1863 is considered to be ‘the only man who ever wrote sea songs that accurately delineate the sailor’s peculiarities of disposition’. Delightfully illustrated with several full page engravings, including frontispiece, by George Cruikshank, and featuring a memoir of Charles Dibdin, Addenda by Thomas Dibdin, Songs from the Works of the Charles Dibdin the younger, and a list of subscribers. 
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Silk and Scarlet - with - The Post and the Paddock, with Recollections of George IV., Sam Chifney, and other Turf Celebrities - Henry Hall Dixon ‘The Druid’

1880 - Frederick Warne and Co., London - Revised and Re-edited Editions with Steel Engravings
Two finely bound volumes in hunting colours, formerly the property of Captain Robert Bingham Brassey of the 17th Lancers.

Racing anecdotes, and turf reminiscences, illustrated with steel engraved frontispieces, extra steel engraved title pages, five steel engravings (one folding), and engraved vignette.

Henry Hall Dixon (1822-70) was an English sporting writer known by his nom de plume, "The Druid.", educated at Rugby School and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He took up the profession of the law, but, though called to the bar in 1853, soon returned to sporting journalism, in which he had already made a name for himself, and began to write regularly for the
Sporting Magazine. Both these works first appeared in part in the magazine before being published as separate books. 
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On Lawn Tennis - R.F. & H.L. Doherty

1903 - Lawn Tennis, London - First Edition
An important early work by the two dominant players of the late 19th and early 20th century, “Reggie” won the Wimbledon singles four times, his younger brother “Laurie” or “Little Do” then won five times, together they won the doubles eight times. Laurie was the first player to win a Grand Slam tournament by winning the US Championships in 1903. Illustrated throughout with 29 full page photographic plates and two diagrams.  
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1890 - Richard Bentley & Son, London - First Edition with Twelfth Earl of Dundonald’s Sequel.
Admiral Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Marquess of Maranhão (1775-1860), probably the greatest naval commander of his time, and possibly all time. Napoleon called him 'The Sea Wolf'. The man on which Forester modelled Horatio Hornblower, and the plot of Master and Commande and two other novels by Patrick O'Brian are taken directly from events in Cochcrane’s career.

Illustrated with eleven engraved plates, and four charts (two of which are folding).

‘there is no man I envy so much as Lord Cochrane’ - Lord Byron

‘History can produce few examples of such a man or of such achievements. There have been greater heroes because there have been heroes with greater opportunities, but no soldier or sailor of modern times ever displayed a more extraordinary capacity than the man who now lies dead.' -
The Times, 1860. 
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A history of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews from 1754-1900 - Harry Sterling Crawfod Everard

1907 - W. Blackwood, Edinburgh - First Edition
The first written history of St. Andrews Golf Club and, as Murdoch states, "a monumental effort of original research and one that is most readable, even today." The illustrations include some of the first in colour of golf.

A near fine copy of what is regarded as the cornerstone of any serious collection of golf books. Owned by Sir John Gilmour, possibly inherited from his father who opened Lundin Golf Club’s new clubhouse in 1896. [We can provide information on Sir John Gilmour on request]
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1975 - Vincent Publishing Company, London - First Edition
The autobiography of George Eyston, one of the most versatile drivers in the history of the sport, illustrated with forty photographs.

During his racing career Eyston established more records than virtually any other driver including breaking the Land Speed record three times. Between 1926 and 1954 Eyston set hundreds of records at Brooklands, Montlhery, Pendine Sands and Bonneville using cars ranging from a 750 c.c. M.G to the 73 litre 4,500 horse power Thunderbolt.

Aside from his motor sport he was also a talented oarsman and was the Captain of the Trinity Boat Club at Cambridge University. He was an accomplished yachtsman, flew a Deperdussin monoplane in 1912 (he actually gained his pilot's license in 1917) and raced motor-boats in 1925. He also played a prominent part in both World Wars and was awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and was awarded the OBE in recognition of his service to his country. []
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1933 - John Miles, London - First Edition
‘I have read this book by my old friend George Eyston, and in doing so have relived those exiting episodes which represent the high lights of the game. The hand which has steered the wheel to many records has taken up the pen and dipped it in most thrilling ink’ - Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Mainly autobiographical, by the man who understood the meaning of “
Flat Out”. Captain Eyston rose to become one of the world's top racing drivers after World War I. In his Rolls Royce Thunderbolt he was the first man to break the 300mph barrier, setting a land speed record of 312mph in 1937 and on two later occasions.

First edition, in the stirring dust jacket from a painting by Bryan de Grineau, who provides the four magnificent coloured plates, there are also five photographic plates.
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