The Winter of Our Discontent - John Steinbeck

1961 - The Viking Press, New York - First Edition
A near fine copy of Steinbeck’s last novel.

Ethan Allen Hawley, Harvard educated former member of Long Island aristocratic elite, has lost the acquisitive spirit of his wealthy and enterprising forebears, a long line of proud New England sea captains and Pilgrims. Scarred by failure, Ethan works as a grocery clerk in a store his family once owned....

‘Steinbeck's searing examination of the evil influences of money, immorality, greed and ambition on America drew acclaim from the Nobel Committee who hailed him as an 'independent expounder of the truth'’

‘In awarding John Steinbeck the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Nobel committee stated “In this brief presentation it is not possible to dwell at any length on individual works which Steinbeck later produced. If at times the critics have seemed to note certain signs of flagging powers, of repetitions that might point to a decrease in vitality, Steinbeck belied their fears most emphatically with
The Winter of Our Discontent, a novel published last year. Here he attained the same standard which he set in The Grapes of Wrath. Again he holds his position as an independent expounder of the truth with an unbiased instinct for what is genuinely American, be it good or bad.’ 
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The Log from the Sea of Cortez - John Steinbeck

1951 - Viking Press, New York - First Thus : separate "Log" portion issue & first appearance of "About Ed Ricketts"
Being The Narrative Portion of Sea of Cortez, of Steinbeck’s pioneering ecological account of his month-long marine expedition on a 76-foot sardine boat, with his close friend and biologist, Ed Ricketts in the Gulf of California.

A fine copy, in the near fine dust jacket, illustrated with portraits of Steinbeck and Ricketts from photographs as double frontispiece.

‘In 1940 Steinbeck sailed in a sardine boat with his great friend the marine biologist, Ed Ricketts, to collect marine invertebrates from the beaches of the Gulf of California. The expedition was described by the two men in
Sea of Cortez, published in 1941.

In 1951 the narrative portion of that work, the
Log, was published separately, describing the day-to-day story of the trip is, which combines science, philosophy and high-spirited adventure, together with an additional Profile of Ed Ricketts by Steinbeck. 
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The Moon is Down - John Steinbeck

1942 - The Viking Press, New York - First Edition, First clothbound Issue in First issue dust jacket.
A fine copy, house in custom slipcase. Steinbeck’s masterful novel set in Norway during World War II, in which a small and peaceful town is occupied by Nazi troops.

‘Published at the zenith of Nazi Germany's power, Steinbeck's fable
The Moon is Down explores the effects of invasion on both the conquered and the conquerors. Occupied by enemy troops, a small, peaceable town comes face-to-face with evil imposed from the outside and betrayal from within the close-knit community. As he delves into the motivations and emotions of the enemy, Steinbeck uncovers profound and often unsettling truths both about war and human nature.’ - from the Penguin Modern Classics edition. 
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