The Education Of A Poker Player - Herbert O. Yardley. Ian Fleming (introduction)

1959 - Jonathan Cape, London - First English Edition [First American Edition 1957]
Assume the worst, believe no one, and make your move only when you are certain that you are unbeatable or have, at worst, exceptionally good odds in your favor.’ - “Yardley’s Law” as Al Alvarez describes it in Big Deal: Confessions of a Poker Player.

Both an autobiography and a poker-playing manual which seeks to expose the cynical reality behind the "American Dream". Yardley describes many poker games and characters who include railroad men, travelling salesmen, speculators, drunks and no-hopers.

‘The book’s importance in the history of poker literature is unquestioned.’ -
Poker News. 
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The Laws of Piquet – Adopted by the Portland and Turf Clubs with a Treatise on the Game - “Cavendish” [Pseud. Henry Jones]

1892 - Thomas De La Rue & Co., London - Eighth Edition
A charming little book of instructions and rules for Piquet, one of France’s most popular card games, courtesy of “Cavendish”.

Devised in the 16th century, Piquet is a ‘trick-taking’ card game for two players. Played with a 32-card deck, each game consists of six deals.
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