Swimming - The All-England Series - Martin and J. Racster Cobbett

1891 - George Bell & Sons, London - First Edition
A scarce superb copy of the first edition. With 60 illustrations.

Wonderfully written in the Victorian manner, with chapters headings which include:
floating; parlour practice; the kick; the racing stroke; tricks; plunging and diving; sea-bathing; and an appendix with Directions issued by the Royal Society for restoring the apparently dead. 
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“Plate-Swimming” with Notes on the Science of Natation - R.H. Wallace-Dunlop

c. 1877 - George Routledge and Sons, London - First Edition
‘What are “swimming-plates”? is the natural inquiry of a stranger to the system, and its answer may be prefaced by an extract from the manufacturer’s circular describing their aim and object, or what they effect.’

What are swimming-plates indeed! A likely question even today, more than 140 years since the publication of this rare, informative and rather amusing little book on the benefits of swimming with ‘plates’ and ‘flippers’, which according to the manufacturer’s description ‘give marvellous float power, diving power, endurance, and speed to swimmers’.

Illustrated throughout, and with a detailed appendix, including a list of London swimming baths, and directions for ‘Restoring the Apparently Dead’ from drowning, suffocation, and ‘narcotic poisoning’, as recommended by The Royal Humane Society.
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