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British Mountaineering - C.E. (Claude Ernest) Benson

1909 - George Routledge & Sons, London - First Edition, in the First Issue Gilt Binding
An excellent copy – in the superb original gilt binding – of this informative mountaineering guidebook, profusely illustrated throughout with wonderfully detailed inset drawings and photographs.

With chapters on equipment, rambling, practice climbs on low crags, rock climbing, climbing in winter, severe courses, dangers of mountaineering, and medical hints, as well as an instructive section on ‘Mountaineering for Ladies’, in which Benson recommends women make
‘a special study of the art of tieing knots’ and suggests their skirts to be ‘quite short, at least five or six inches from the ground’... very practical advice indeed. 
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Price HK$ 1,500

Through the Heart of Asia. Over The Pamïr to India - Gabriel Bonvalot, Albert Pépin (illustrator)

1889 - Chapman and Hall, London - First Edition in English
Two volumes of the first English translation of this ‘richly illustrated account of the second of the two Asian expeditions in which French explorer, author and legislator Gabriel Bonvalot (1853–1933) and the scientist Guillaume Capus attempted to enter Afghanistan’. Containing 250 full page and in-text drawings by Albert Pépin, and a folding coloured map to rear.

‘Although the party was detained and sent back to Samarkand upon entering Afghanistan, they refused to concede defeat, as Bonvalot was determined to reach India via a trail believed to run across the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains.

In Volume 1, Bonvalot describes the journey from Marseilles via Tehran to Samarkand, interspersing his narrative with observations of the climate and culture they encounter. At the Afghan border, guards warn that '
they will hack us to pieces and throw our bodies into the stream'.

In Volume 2 the party reaches the remote Kingdom of Chatral, but is imprisoned again. Bonvalot uses the confinement to study the customs of the local people, and eventually, with the help of the British authorities, they are released and allowed to continue to India.’ (description from
Cambridge University Press) 
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Climbing On The Himalaya - J. Norman Collie

1902 - David Douglas, Edinburgh - First Edition
Scientist and mountaineer J. Norman Collie’s remarkable record of his climbing expeditions, including chapters on his pioneering work in Skye and the Canadian Rockies with Hugh Stutfield, together with a detailed account of his unfortunate expedition with Alfred Mummary in the Himalayas, their attempt to ascend the 8,000 metre peak, Nanga Parbat in 1895, which ended in disaster when Mummary and a number of others were killed in an avalanche.

Illustrated with eighteen black and white plates, and three folding colour maps of Kashmir, Nanga Parbat, and the Canadian Rockies.
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Price HK$ 12,000

Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram-Himalayas - William Martin Conway, A. D. McCormick (illustrator)

1894 - T. Fisher Unwin, London - First Edition
The Karakoram is a range of mountains approximately 200 miles long, lying to the north of the western edge of the Himalayan chain, and spanning the borders of Pakistan, India, and China. It is the most heavily glaciated region in the world excepting the polar areas. South of the main crest lies a secondary line of peaks. Conway led the first mountaineering expedition to the region in 1892. They surveyed the Hispar and Baltero glaciers and climbed the 23,000 ft (6,550 metre) Pioneer Peak, achieving a height record. Conway was knighted for his efforts.

Mountains that have no names I have named myself, for the purposes of this book and map, applying descriptive designations to them and never the names of persons. I have not called “K.2” Mount Godwin-Austen, greatly though I appreciate that officer’s work. I wished to name the mountain Watchtower, but as any alternative designation seemed to give offence, where none was intended, I have confined myself to the letter and number of the Indian Atls’ - Conway, in his preface, explaining his reason for naming the legendary 28,251 ft (8,611 metre) peak K2.

This is a fine and thus scarce first edition of his account of the expedition, over 700 pages illustrated with a folding map and 300 black and white sketches, photographs and diagrams. A cornerstone of Himalayan mountaineering literature.
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Round Kangchenjunga - Douglas W. Freshfield

1903 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
Freshfield’s incredible account of his dangerous and exhausting circuit of Kangchenjunga, considered one of the greatest early works on Himalayan exploration, and a standard reference to the Kangchenjunga massif. The party’s entire route followed previously unknown areas, much of it at a great height: they climbed the Zemu glacier reaching 5,350 metres, then crossed the Lhonak valley and proceeded west over Jongsong La into Nepal, descending along Kangchenjunga glacier, before trekking ahead to Tseram and finally crossing back to Sikkim.

Accompanying Freshfield was Italian photographer Vittorio Sella, whose remarkable photographs feature in this book.

Profusely illustrated with two large folding colour maps of Sikkim and the glaciers of Kangchenjunga, forty full page black and white plates, two in-text illustrations of the peaks of Kathmandu and a geological map of Sikkim, and one folding panoramic black and white photographic plate of Kangchenjunga Glacier, taken by Sella.
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The Indian Alps and How We Crossed Them - Nina Elizabeth Mazuchelli

1876 - Longmans, London - First Edition
A handsome volume of this enduring work on mountaineering, the enthusiastic and irrepressible narrative of Nina Elizabeth Mazuchelli who, together with her Army chaplain husband, Francis, and their friend ‘C’ (the District Officer) traversed the Nepal-Sikkim frontier along the Singalila Ridge – they almost reached the Tibetan border before a blizzard forced them to turn back. Despite their retreat, Mrs Mazuchelli was the first English woman to travel so far into the eastern Himalayas.

Profusely illustrated with 10 full page chromolithographic plates and numerous in-text drawings and sketches by the author, together with a folding map of Sikkim, the travelling party’s route marked in colour.
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Price HK$ 7,000

Across East African Glaciers. An Account of the First Ascent of Kilimanjaro - Hans Meyer

1891 - George Philip & Son, London - First Edition in English
‘Hans Meyer was a geologist and experienced climber who made four trips to the Kilimanjaro region in 1887-1889 culminating in his successful ascent – the first undisputed summit of Kibo, 19,340 feet, the highest of the mountain's three peaks – in 1889. In an earlier attempt, Meyer and his companion Oscar Baumann had the misfortune to arrive in the midst of an Arab revolt against German traders on the East African coast. They were captured and held hostage until a substantial ransom was paid. Meyer's ultimate success has been attributed to his recognition that the greatest obstacle to achieving the summit was the lack of food in the upper regions. He brought a sizeable and well organized party and established several camps on the mountain, allowing him to make multiple attempts at the summit without descending to the base. His lively and highly readable account of the expedition is arguably the most important work on African mountaineering.’ - Walkabout Books.

A superb and rare first edition, in the publisher’s original illustrated covers, described by Neate as ‘a most handsome volume’. With mounted chromolithographed frontispiece, three folding colour maps, eight mounted photographic plates, and twelve photogravures
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Price HK$ 65,000

Five Months in the Himalaya - A. L. Mumm

1909 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
British explorer Mumm’s account of his 1907 expedition to the Himalayas with T.G. Longstaff. Considered a chief contribution to mountaineering literature, this book records the first ascent of the 23,400 ft. Trisul, as well as their journey through the Bagini Pass, Rishi Valley, Dhauli Valley, Garhwal, Kashmir, Haramukh, Khagan, and Shikara.

Profusely illustrated with 28 full page plates, 4 of which are folding, together with numerous photographs in-text and 2 folding maps at rear, of Garhwal and Kashmir.
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Price HK$ 6,000

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