British Sports and Sportsmen, Past and Present -

Circa 1913 - British Sports and Sportsmen, London - Royal edition, limited to 250 copies, of which this set is number 105.
Two large finely bound folios containing the biographies of 303 of leading British sportsmen from the eighteenth and (primarily) nineteenth centuries, practitioners of the hunt, polo, steeplechase, cricket, rugby, boxing, and other gentlemanly pursuits accompanied by approximately 300 full page photogravure portrait plates. With a fascinating introduction by Horace G. Hutchinson. Volume I covers Hugo Meynell 1735-1808 to The Hon. Egremont Lascelles 1825-1892; Volume II covers George Parr 1826-1891 to Henry Arthur, Viscount Chelsea 1868-1908.

Compiled and Edited by ‘
The Sportsman’. Two large folio volumes [39x29cm] . Profusely illustrated.  
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1911 - Hurst and Blackett, London - Third Edition
A finely bound example of this classic and comprehensive text on Polo.

This edition is much revised and enlarged, with over 140 illustrations, and appears to be scarcer than the first two editions. With new introduction, additional chapter covering Polo in India, and a chapter covering Polo Abroad - California, Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Egypt.

Lt.-Col. Edward Darley ‘Ted’ Miller (1865-1931) was an authority on the game and on polo ponies, as well as being a player of some standing himself, having won the Hurlingham Champion Cup (1897-9, 1901, 1903), the Ranelagh Open Cup (1897, 1901, 1902), the All Ireland Open Cup, Rugby Open Cup, and the International Tournament in Paris. After leaving the 17th Lancers, he was manager of the Ranelagh Club, a post he resigned to create the Roehampton Club with his brothers Charles (an Olympic polo player) and George. The brothers also developed one of the largest polo pony supply businesses in Europe.

In 1911, when well past his prime as a player, Miller was rated at 8-goals in the first handicap list in England.
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An Introduction to Polo by “Marco” - Lord Louis “Marco” Mountbatten, Lord Wodehouse

1931 - Country Life Limited , London - Second Impression
A finely bound example of this ‘important milestone on the literature of the game’, illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, sketches and diagrams.

Written ‘under the pen name “Marco”, with editorial help from his friend Peter Murphy. First published in 1931, successive editions have secured its place as a classic in polo literature.’ - Horace Laffaye,
The Polo Encyclopedia.

Viscount Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979) was an experienced English 5-goal player and author. He won the Bluejackets, Duke of York, Whitney, Buenos Aires, Cowdray Park Challenge and Spencer Cups, and the Visitors Tournament at Hurlingham.
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