Some Secrets of Successful Rowing. Including: A System of Training for a Boat Club and an exposure of the Errors of "Orthodoxy." - Steve Fairbairn

1930 - Sporting Handbooks Limited, London - First Edition
‘The object of this book is to get more oarsmen to think for themselves… look into the principles… and to settle for himself what is right.’

A rare and near fine first edition of one of Steve Fairbairn's classic titles on rowing techniques and training.
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SOLD - Our Cruise in the Undine - Edmund George Harvey

1854 - John W. Parker and Son, London - First Edition
A rare work. The Cruise was ‘a three-week expedition of 1,000 miles up the Seine, etc., to the Rhine below Basle; down the Rhine to Cologne; by train (with the Undine on board) from Cologne to Bruges, where the boat was stored for the winter. The voyagers, who are known throughout the book as The Professor, The Captain, and The Doctor, showed remarkable tolerance for the outlandishness and ignorance of the natives they encountered.’

Harvey [1828-84] was an author and musical composer, who after studying at Cambridge, resided for a few years on the continent, at which time he undertook his adventures in the
Undine. He was later ordained.

Illustrated with ten engraved plated, charmingly decorated initial letters for each chapter, and a folding engraved map showing ‘
Our Route through France and Germany’. 
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Our Autumn Holiday on French Rivers - James L. Molloy, Linley Sambourne (illustrator)

1874 - Bradbury, London - First Edition
Three Men in a Boat holds nothing on this stunningly illustrated account of a six-week rowing holiday on the Seine and Loire in the 40 foot four-oared Marie, by a group of young men dressed appropriately and accompanied by their terrier Gyp.

Of those oarsmen, the author, James Molloy, an accomplished French scholar, who despite being called to the English bar from the Middle Temple, acting as secretary to Sir John Holker, attorney-general, and being private chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII, grew to be one of the most successful Irish song composers of his time. Whilst the illustrator, Edward Linley Sambourne, whose descendants include his great grandson the Earl of Snowdon, Viscount Linley and Oliver Messel, became famous for his work for Punch magazine over 40 years, the last ten as ‘First Cartoonist’, following on from John Tenniel, the illustrator of
Alice in Wonderland.

A bright, rare, most unusual and brilliantly written book, with excellent illustrations by Linley Sambourne. Molloy’s work was to serve as a model for Robert Louis Stevenson’s
An Inland Voyage published four years later. 
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Practical Boat Building for Amateurs - Adrian Neison C.E.

1878 - “The Bazaar” Office, London - First Edition
A scarce work in first edition, which became very popular and was later expanded and edited by Dixon Kemp. One of the earliest books to provide the designs and details of MacGregor’s ‘Rob Roy’ canoe.

As described in the title, chapters cover -
Designing; Tools and Materials; Punts; Skiffs; The Rob Roy Canoe; The Sailing Boat; and Canoes - Canadian Bateaux–Canvas Canoe–Shooting Punt.

Illustrated throughout with vignettes, plans and diagrams.
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The Oarsman’s and Angler’s Map of the River Thames - E. G. Ravenstein F.R.G.S.

Circa 1873-1877 - James Reynolds, London
A super copy, of this rare and early map of the Thames, which folds out to over eight feet in length (2.64m, 104”), canvassed backed and housed in the original publisher’s green cloth covers, blind embossed and titled in gilt.

Beginning at Cirencester and Kemble, then passing through Cricklade, Kelmscott, Oxford, Reading, Henley, Maidenhead, ending at London Bridge, including details of locks, the charge to use them, bridges, towns and villages.

With single page introductory notes pasted to front pastedown.
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The Oarsman’s and Angler’s Map of the River Thames From Its Source to London Bridge. - E. G. Ravenstein F.R.G.S.

1909 - Edward Stanford, London - New Edition
A bright ad near fine copy of this early map of the Thames, folding out to over eight feet in length (2.67m, 105”), cloth backed and housed in the original publisher’s green cloth covers titled in gilt.

Beginning at Cirencester and Kemble, then passing through Cricklade, Kelmscott, Oxford, Reading, Henley, Maidenhead, ending at London Bridge, including details of locks, the charge to use them, bridges, towns and villages.

With sixteen page pamphlet pasted to front pastedown, laying out the charges, lock tolls, bye-laws, and a list of electric charging stations on the Thames.
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Cruises in Small Yachts and Big Canoes - H. Fiennes Speed

1883 - Norie & Wilson, London - First Edition
A charming, and amusing account, charmingly illustrated throughout with 62 vignettes and two full page woodcuts ‘by The Crew’, as well as ten maps (two of which are folding). Exemplifying the style and approach to yachting by the gentleman sailor and his chums, and also in this case, his young wife, unused to water, but brave and devoted enough to accompany him aboard the ‘big canoe’ for seven weeks.

Harry Fiennes Speed (1857-), attended Brazenose College, Oxford and as Captain of the Oxford Canoe Club made a cruise in a small canoe down the Thames to Margate and back, 259 miles of river and coastal work in ten days. He practised as a barrister, later turning to the ministry.
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Record of the University Boat Race, 1829-1880 and of the Commemoration Dinner 1881 - George G. T. Treherne, J. H. D. Goldie

1883 - Bickers & Son, London - First Edition
A finely bound association copy, signed by John Neville McQueen, bow seat 1860 Oxford boat.

Illustrated with two large and beautiful engraved plates -
A Boat-race on the Cam in 1838’, and The Oxford Boat in 1829, as well a facsimile of The Card of the Invitation to Dinner, a Plan of the Tables, and two vignettes titled The Old Style and The New Style. A copy of the ornate and decorated original letter press Menu is also tipped in.

‘The account of the dinner is followed by verbatim reports of the speeches, the text of two odes on the jubilee of the race, and alphabetical lists of Blues. The analytical appendices include summaries of the races, and lists of the schools, colleges, academic and athletic honours and subsequent professions of the oarsmen and coxswains. No less than 188 of 285 took Holy Orders.

Pages 131 to 201,
Old Blues and Their Battles, give a detailed account of each race by W. B. Woodgate, slightly altered by the compilers.’ – Brittain, Oar, Scull & Rudder . 
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