Biggles Second Case - Captain W.E. Johns

1948 - Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition in 4th impression dust jacket
A nice bright copy, with colour frontispiece, illustrated title page and a further nine page black and white illustrations by Leslie Stead.

Biggles and the team help Raymond out in a search for Nazi gold in the southern ocean (around Kerguelen Island). The title refers to this being their second case in the Air Branch of the CID.

A German submariner is shot trying to get a message to British Headquarters in Germany. His dying words tell of a missing U-Boat returning to the Southern Ocean to pick up a stash of stolen Allied gold from its secret base. Biggles and the team de-camp to Kerguelen Island to try and locate it and retrieve the gold for HM government.

This they manage to do (of course), but not before the usual litany of narrow scrapes, missing teamsters, etc. At one point Biggles and Algy are saved from a firing squad by Ginger firing a whale harpoon!
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Price HK$ 900

Biggles’ Chinese Puzzles and other Biggles’ adventures - Captain W.E. Johns

1955 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition
Biggles Wins Through Again!

Hold your breath while Biggles & Co. expose a currency racket in Indo-China, rescue a geologist from torture in a sinister mental home, or snatch luminous blue clay from a sinking volcanic island in the Pacific.

Biggles at his swiftest and surest! Stirringly illustrated with six colour plates by Leslie Stead.
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Price HK$ 1,200

Biggles Investigates and other stories of the Air Police - Captain W.E. Johns

1964 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition
A collection of eight short stories take Biggles and team 'investigating' crashed Spanish planes and essence of rose petal, bodies dropping from aircraft, Bertie makes a trip to Paris, and Biggles chases a getaway plane all the way to Scotland.

With striking colour frontispiece by Leslie Stead.
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Price HK$ 1,500