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Let It Come Down - Paul Bowles

1952 - Random House, New York - First American Edition, First Printing
In Let It Come Down, Paul Bowles plots the doomed trajectory of Nelson Dyar, a New York bank teller who comes to Tangier ‘outpost of unrestrained freedom, morass of ruthless greed and opportunism’, in search of a different life and ends up giving in to his darkest impulses. Rich in descriptions of the corruption and decadence of the International Zone in the last days before Moroccan independence, Bowles's second novel is an alternately comic and horrific account of a descent into nihilism. [Preface]

In a bright example of the dust jacket designed by E. McKnight Kauffer, and with rather pretty letterpress Random House card from Paul Bowles editor, printed ‘
Compliments of David McDowell’, laid in. 
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Price HK$ 2,000

The Sheltering Sky - Paul Bowles

1949 - John Lehmann, London - First Edition
An exceptional copy – in a near fine example of the dust jacket and with the scarce ‘Evening Standard Book of the Month’ wrap around band.

Bowles’ most celebrated work, the unravelling of a young, sophisticated and adventurous American couple as they make their way into the Sahara.

‘I suspect that a good many people will read this book and be enthralled by it without once suspecting that it contains a mirror of what is most terrifying and cryptic within the Sahara of moral nihilism, into which the race of man now seems to be wandering blindly’ – Tennessee Williams,
The New York Times

‘One of the most original, even visionary, works of fiction to appear in this century’
– Tobias Wolff

‘His art far exceeds that of the greatest American writers of our day’
– Gore Vidal 
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Price HK$ 28,000

The Hawkline Monster, A Gothic Western - with - Willard and His Bowling Trophies, A Perverse Mystery - Richard Brautigan

1974 1975 - Simon and Schuster, New York - First Editions
Two of Brautigan’s Gothic thrillers, containing, as always, an amazing tapestry of characters, bursts of poetic brilliance, and the sadness that at the age of 49 Brautigan silenced by self-inflicted gunshot-wound.

All of us have a place in history. Mine is in clouds

‘There is a real plot and a thread of continuity that runs through chunky, one-page chapters containing passages that run the gamut of style from Edgar Allan Poe to Zane Grey, from Ian Fleming to George V. This is certainly Brautigan’s most simultaneously unified and eclectic work.’ -
Playboy on The Hawkline Monster. 
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Price HK$ 1,800

So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away - Richard Brautigan

1982 - Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence, New York - First Edition
Loosely based on Brautigan’s childhood of poverty and abuse. This beautiful work was Brautigan’s last book before 1984 when, at the age of 49, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot-wound.

‘All of us have a place in history. Mine is in clouds’
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Price HK$ 1,300

Nova Express - William S. Burroughs

1964 - Grove Press, New York - First Edition
‘A masterpiece of fantasy and reality, a carnival of horrors, a doomsday confrontation of man and his world.’

Burroughs ferociously political and prophetic novel – a parody of bureaucracy and human frailty, and the third in his linguistically ‘
cut-up’ trilogy, following The Soft Machine and The Ticket That Exploded –fires the reader into the diabolical world of the Nova Mob, poised to wreak havoc and destruction upon the planet. Can Inspector J. Lee of the Nova Police stop them before its too late…? 
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Price HK$ 2,400

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me - Richard Fariña

1966 - Random House, New York - First Edition
‘The classic novel of the 1960s an unerring, corrosively comic depiction of a campus in revolt

Fariña evokes the Sixties as precisely, wittily, and poignantly as F. Scott Fitzgerald captured the Jazz Age. The hero, Gnossus Pappadopoulis, weaves his way through the psychedelic landscape, encountering, among other things, mescaline, women, art, gluttony, falsehood, science, prayer, and, occasionally, truth. A portrait of an explosive decade, sparkling with inventive writing and conveying the essence of a generation.’

‘Coming on like the Hallelujah Chorus done by 200 kazoo players with perfect pitch... hilarious, chilling, sexy, profound, maniacal, beautiful, and outrageous all at the same time.’ - Thomas Pynchon.

‘A marvelous storyteller, Fariña is fit to join the company of Kerouac, Kesey, and Pynchon.’ - San Francisco Chronicle
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Price HK$ 3,000

The Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac

1958 - The Viking Press, New York - First Edition
Who were all these strange ghosts rooted to the silly little adventure of earth with me? And who was I?’

A bright first edition of Kerouac’s chronicle of carefree wanderers learning to meditate Buddhist style, the story of Ray Smith – obviously Kerouac himself – who after a self-imposed discipline in the wilds of Sierra Madres, and sixty days of summer solitude on the mountain top lookout Desolation Peak, returns to the world with a new ‘
vision of the freedom of eternity...’

‘Book ends with a great holy Blah! At last America has a new visionary poet. So let us talk of Angels.’ - Allen Ginsberg.
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Price HK$ 7,800

Vanity of Duluoz - Jack Kerouac

1968 - Coward-McCann, New York - First Edition
‘All right, wifey, maybe I’m a big pain in the you know what, but after I’ve given you a recitation of the troubles I had to go through to make good in America between 1935 and more or less now, 1967, and although I also know everybody in the world’s had his own troubles you’ll understand that my particular form of anguish came from being too sensitive to all the lunkheads I had to deal with...’

A bright copy of Kerouac’s final novel published during his lifetime, the autobiographical tale of his alter-ego Jack Duluoz, recounting his experiences at Columbia University on a football scholarship in the 1930s to his coming of age serving in the US navy during WWII. When Duluoz returns to New York after the war, he abandons his former plans, and embarks upon a riot of drugs, sex and writing, as the Beat movement begins.
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Price HK$ 2,500

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