The Shadow Falls - Georges Simenon 1945 - George Routledge & Sons Ltd., London - First Edition in English A full length novel, instead of mystery novelettes, this new Simenon realistically explores the motivating psychologies of his characters, chronicles the infinitesimal advances toward tragedy, of a respected, respectable French family. Philippe whom they scorn marries the daughter and, corrupted by ambition, brings about the downfall of the Donadieus. A promoter, he brings in money, but needs more, his activities affect all members as he manoeuvres each to his needs and wishes, his move from La Rochelle to Paris brings about the dissolution of his marriage and triple death. The evil power of selfish force in microscopic detail. (Kirkus Reviews)   ‘If Agatha Christie holds the title of Queen of Crime, its male counterpart belongs indisputably to Georges Simenon’ - Helen MacLeod, BMC.

‘Georges Simenon (1903-89), one of the true giants of the novel, has earned through the fecundity of his imagination and his devotion to his craft the right to be termed a genius. Apparently equally indifferent to critical scorn or praise, impervious tothe shifting currents of literary fashion, disdainful of pretentious philosophising or didacticism, Simenon has resolutely gone his own way, followed his unique vision, creating a body of work with the power and inevitability of life itself. Like Balzac or Dickens or Faulkner, he has staked out his own bleak territory of the human heart, a world of passion and violence, suffering and disorder... One of the most important novelists of his time, and certainly one of the major writers of detective fiction; his detective stories belong among the finest examples of the genre and, like other great detective stories, deserve serious critical study.’ - Reilly,
Twentieth-Century Crime and Mystery Writers.

‘Simenon’s own wit, suavity, and mastery of style are beyond question’ - Miriam Allen deFord.

‘One of the few really distinctive and original detective creations of recent years’ - Haycraft, Murder for Pleasure (1941).

Provenance: Adrian Homer Goldstone (1897-1977) with his pictorial bookplate. Adrian Goldstone grew up in the area around Monterey, California. An avid book collector all of his life, he is particularly well know for his bibliographies of Arthur Machen and John Steinbeck, both of which were published through the University of Texas. While working on the Steinbeck bibliography with research librarians at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, he also worked out the sale and gift of part of his extensive Steinbeck library to the Center. The rest of his collection went to institutions in California.

Published the same year in the US by Harcourt Brace & Co.

References: Herbert,
Oxford Companion to Crime & Mystery Writing, 276, 415. Haycraft, Murder for Pleasure, 108. Symons, Bloody Murder, 143. Reilly,Twentieth-Century Crime and Mystery Writers (1980), 1548.

Octavo pp. 382 [2]. In publisher’s green cloth, spine lettered in black. Dust jacket priced 9s. 6d. net. to lower corner of front flap.
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