The Young House-Keeper - or Thoughts on Food and Cookery - WM. (William) A. (Andrus) Alcott 1838 - George W. Light, Boston - Second Stereotype Edition 'Man has the power of deriving nourishment from almost every substance, both of the animal and the vegetable kingdoms of nature.’

A 19th century guide to healthy eating at home, with chapters including '
Food from Wheat', 'Nuts', 'Animal Food', 'Buckwheat and Millet', 'On Fruits in General', 'The Whortleberry', and 'Expense of Animal and Vegetable Food Compared'.
  William Andrus Alcott (1798-1859) was an American writer and educator. Of his 108 books, many discussed healthy eating, dieting, household management, and physical education, and continue to be cited today. He was also a founding member and the first president of the American Vegetarian Society.

Provenance: from the Gastronomy Collection of Olof (Olov) Vilgon [1894-1979], Swedish collector and bibliographer, with his bookplate.

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Sextodecimo, pp. [7] 6-424, 8 [2]. Final 8 pages contain publisher's advertisements
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