Voyage Historique et Pittoresque de Paris a Rouen, sur la Seine, en Bateau a Vapeur; par un Rouennais. Ornée d’une Carte des rives de la Seine et de cinq Garvures - B. Saint-Edme [Edme-Théodore Bourg] 1839 - Édouard Frère, Rouen - Deuxieme Édition A lovely example of this little work, text in French, in publisher’s original blue wrappers, rare.

Detailing the historic sights along the River Seine and illustrated with six full page plates, and a fold out map (37.5 x 14 cm) of the River Seine from Paris to Rouen. Some of the pages still uncut.

Edme Theodore Bourg, known under the pseudonym of St. Edme (1785-1852), was a Parisian polymath. After having been secretary of Marshal Berthier then commissioner of war under the First Empire, Bourg became a man of letters in civilian life. He was a member of the ‘Société des Gens de Lettres’. Alone or in collaboration with other authors, he published under the pseudonym "St. Edme" (also used by other writers, such as Jean-Joseph Regnault-Warin) of numerous books such as biographies, compilations and political pamphlets.
  Bourg was close to Republican opponents or Bonapartistes, whom he celebrated in a biography of men of the day published in collaboration with Germain Sarrut, he was the true writer of the false autobiography of Baron de Richemont, Memoirs of the Duke of Normandy, son of Louis XVI , written and published by himself (1831). He was also the editor of l'Assemblée Constituante (1848) and the Journal de Tout le Monde (1849).

Faced with misery and despair at the death (27 September 1850) of Maria Bourg, he hung himself after leaving a long farewell letter containing his last impressions. This letter, addressed to his friend Monglave, was published in
La Presse of November 3, 1852.

(15 x 9.5 cm) pp. [4] 140. In publisher’s blue pictorial paper wrappers, priced 1f 5c to spine.
  Condition: Near fine, light soiling to wrappers and spine, some foxing to edges.   Ref: 105869   Price: HK$ 1,800