Conservation Recipes - Compiled by The Mobilized Women's Organisations of Berkeley - Berkeley Unit Council of Defense Women's Committee - Mobilized Women's Organisation of Berkeley, California 1918 - Berkeley Unit Council of Defence Women's Committee, Press of the Courier - Third Edition 'Food will win the war.

A collection of recipes promoting food conservation, compiled by the Mobilized Women's Organisation of Berkeley, and including methods for 'Clam Chowder', 'Chicken Pie', 'Enchilada Eggs','Turnips a la Berkeley', and 'Angel Cake', among many others. The final 29 pages include advertisements, measurement and substitute guide, index, and blank pages for recipes.
  The Mobilized Women's Organisation of Berkeley was founded in 1917 by representatives from 151 women's organisations to help the First World War effort. They conducted many successful drives for food conservation, and the Red Cross, as well as developing a program to reclaim waste. The salvage, repair, and resale of unwanted items such as newspapers, clothing, and furniture allowed the organisation to remain self-sustaining. They also sponsored various fund raising events and activities for the community.

Provenance: from the Gastronomy Collection of Olof (Olov) Vilgon [1894-1979], Swedish collector and bibliographer, with his bookplate.
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Octavo, pp. 1 4-179 [29]
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