The Battles Between Japan and China [Nisshin Senso Emaki] - Volume VII : The Yellow Sea [Koukai no Maki] - Kason [Kwasson] Suzuni [Suzuki], Soutarou Suzuki (editor) 1895 - Shun-Yo-Do, No.5 A near fine scarce copy. Volume VII of a fifteen volume set issued serially as The Battles Between Japan and China [Nisshin Senso Emaki].

Ten sections, dramatically illustrated in colour from woodblock with twelve single page plates, and three double page plates, in Japanese style publisher’s original colour illustrated wraps.

With a summary in English (3 pages), and text in Japanese (13 pages), followed by the illustrations.

The series was published from January 1895 to June 1896, illustrated by Kason Suzuki and Reisei Chizuka, edited by Soutarou Suzuki, and published by Shunyodo Atsutaro Wada.
  Illustrations include: A portrait of General viscount Michitsura Nodzu (1841-1908), Commander of the China Expedition, 1894; Naval Battle between Japanese and Chinese Warships, 1894 - First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895): The naval battle at Asan Sea (or The Battle of Pungdo or Feng-tao), Japanese cruisers fighting Chinese warships, 25 july 1894.

Suzuki Kason (1860-1919) was a successful painter in the Nihonga style, a movement which tried to inject new vigour into traditional painting methods. He was involved in the organization of several exhibitions and was a member of many painting societies. He himself frequently exhibited and won prizes both in Japan and abroad, including at the Japan-British Exhibition in London in 1910.

Born in Edo, Suzuki Kason first studied the Maruyama style, then the Tosa and Ukiyo-e styles. He received a prize at the first Bunten exhibition in 1907, and an honourable mention at the third in 1909. He was a member of the imperial academy of fine arts. At the end of the 19th century he taught Ohara Koson (1877-1945), who was to become famous as a maker of kacho-e, flower-and bird prints.

Reference: The Wolfsonian [web]
Details of volumes 1 to 9 - Vol. 1. Keijo no maki [Seoul]. -- 2. Houtou no maki [Asian Sea]. -- 3. Seikan no maki [Shekwan]. -- 4. Gasan no maki [Asan]. -- 5. Heijou no maki [Ping Yang]. -- 6. Heijou no maki [Ping Yang], (cont'd). -- 7. Koukai no maki [Yellow Sea]. -- 8. Ryoutou no maki [Liungtung]. -- 9. Ryojun no maki [Port Arthur]. | Henshusha Suzuki Sotaro.

pp. [3 English text][2 Publisher’s advertisements] [13 Japanese text] [18 colour illustrated pages of plates]. bound in publisher’s soft paper wraps.
  Condition: Near fine, small pencil marking to front cover, and light soiling to wraps.   Ref: 105921   Price: HK$ 17,000