Narrative of the Burmese War, Detailing the Operations of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell’s Army, from its Landing at Rangoon in May 1824, to the Conclusion of a Treaty of Peace at Yandaboo, in February 1826 - Major J. J. Snodgrass 1827 - John Murray, London - First Edition The important first hand military account of the first Burma war by Sir Archibald Campbell’s Military Secretary and son-in-law. A full margined copy in original boards and spine.

With large folding engraved map
Burmese Empire [46 x 40 cm], two wood-engraved illustrations Bandoola’s Look-Out Tree at Donoobew - Mounting Four Guns and Meeting of the British and Burmese Commissioners at Neoun-Ben-Zeik. Principal Figure: The Kee-Wongee.

Patricia Herbert in her bibliography of Burma notes that ‘the tone of Major Snodgrass’ narrative is fairly typical of British attitudes and accounts of this period. His concluding remarks upon the Burmese king are: ‘
let him then vaunt and boast, and let us smile at his harmless vanity and arrogant imbecility. The appendix contains translations of captured Burmese military documents and the text of the Treaty of Yandabo.’
  Major Snodgrass’ full title as author was ‘Military Secretary to the Commander of the Expedition, and Assistant Political Agent in Ava’.

Lt. Col. John James Snodgrass (1796–1841) began his military career as an ensign in the 52nd Light Infantry in c. 1812-1813, being promoted to lieutenant the following year. His last engagement with the 52nd before being reduced to half-pay was at the Battle of Waterloo. in 1821 he joined the 38th Regiment, where he was eventually appointed as the military secretary to Sir Archibald Campbell, 1st Baronet, around about the time that Snodgrass married Sir Archibald Campbell's oldest daughter (1823). Snodgrass was also appointed assistant political agent at Ava, and held both positions throughout the First Anglo-Burmese War. His army career continued - Captain, 91st Argyllshire Highlanders (1825), brevet ranks of Major (1826) and Lieutenant-colonel (1826), Major, 94th Foot (1830), Lieutenant-colonel, unattached (1833), Deputy Quartermaster-General to the troops in Nova Scotia (1834).

Provenance General Sir John Doveton, Madras Army, with his inscription to the title page.

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