Solar Biology: A Scientific Method of Delineating Character; Diagnosing Disease, Determining Mental, Physical and Business Qualifications, Conjugal Adaptability, Etc., Etc., From Date of Birth. - Hiram E. Butler 1889 - Esoteric Publishing Company, Boston - Early Edition The next time someone asks you "what's your sign" as an icebreaker, remember Mr. Hiram E. Butler. Hiram Butler put forward a radically simplified version of astrology during the 19th century. Although not well known today, Butler is the missing link in the chain from Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos to today’s astrology column.

A bright and near fine copy, scarce in this condition. A comprehensive work, with illustrations including over 150 full page plates showing the annual positions of the planets.
  Up until the publication of this book, astrologers had laboriously plotted out the configuration of the planets, including exact angles between planets, houses (which are specific to a geographic location and time), ascending nodes, descending nodes, rising signs, and so on. And this is still what a professional astrologer will base his or her advice on. Whether or not you believe, one has to admit that this not the easiest method of divination ever invented. One can't just learn this on a whim.

However, the vernacular astrology, with everyone divided into twelve pigeonholes based on their natal sun sign, can be traced back to Mr. Butler, and particularly this book, Solar Biology. Butler actually divided everyone into 144 pigeonholes, based on their natal sun and moon signs. The planets are also used, but only the sign they occupy is important; the angles between them are ignored. This makes it easy to create a horoscope, as the time and place of birth are no longer required. The tricky computation of the rising signs and houses is skipped. You simply look up the positions in any ephemeris, then read the matching page in this book. -
J.B. Hare - Sacred Texts.

pp. [2] xxxix [1] 288 [3] [160 tables] [3 advertisements] [4].
  Condition: Near fine, light rubbing to spine ends, some abrasion to patterned end-papers.   Ref: 104123   Price: HK$ 2,200