The Ninth Configuration - Signed and Inscribed - William Peter Blatty 1978 - Harper & Row, New York - First Edition Signed and inscribed by the author of The Exorcist.

‘In a decaying Gothic mansion hidden in a forest near the coast of the Pacific Northwest are twenty-seven men confined for the treatment of inexplicable mental disturbances.....

This novel is a reworking of the author's previously published novel
Twinkle, Twinkle Killer Kane whose basic concept Blatty states ‘was surely the best I have ever created,’ however the work ‘was no more than notes for a novel’. ‘But the idea mattered to me so once again I have written a novel based on it. This time I know it is the best that I can do’.
  pp. [8] 135 [1]   Condition: Fine copy in near fine dust jacket.   Ref: 100789   Price: HK$ 900