The Northern Clemency - SIGNED - Philip Hensher 2008 - Fourth Estate, London - First Edition ‘Hensher’s novel is tremendously adroit, reminding us of what it’s like to sink luxuriously into the great novels of an earlier era: all-inclusive, interconnected, and lavishly detailed…’ – The New York Times

Set between the quiet suburbs of Sheffield and the bustle of London, and spanning twenty years, Philip Hensher’s epic novel – which follows the lives of two not quite upper-middle-class families who first encounter one another living on the same Sheffield street overlooking the Yorkshire moors – revisits the dawn of Thatcher’s Britain of the 1970s, and traces the volatile confidence and despair of the 80s, all the way through to the awakening of a new Britain in the 1990s.
  The Northern Clemency was a finalist for the 2008 Man Booker Prize.

Born in South London in 1965, Philip Hensher was educated at Oxford, and is the author of several novels, including
The Northern Clemency, King of the Badgers, Scenes from Early Life, and most recently, The Emperor Waltz. He is a regular contributor and columnist for The Guardian, The Spectator and The Independent, and also wrote the libretto for Thomas Adés’ 1995 opera, Powder her Face.

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