Mikrokosmos, A Little Description of the Great World - Peter Heylyn [Heylin] 1636 - Printed by William Turner, Oxford - Seventh Edition In this groundbreaking work, Heylyn attempted to describe in meticulous detail every aspect of the known world in 1621, the geography, climate, customs, achievements, politics, and belief systems. Heylyn had combed through an impressive range of ancient and Renaissance geographical and historical scholarship to construct an ordered description of the globe. Because of the topics it covered, Microcosmus could not but intervene in debates about Church and State’, and Heylyn’s work is ‘notable for his strident anti-Catholicism and attachment to the Protestant cause,’, he condemns the Spanish Inquisition as ‘the greatest tyrannie & severest kind of persecution under heaven’ and the pope described as the Antichrist.’

Heylyn’s work was an enormous success, and went through some nine editions between 1652 and 1639.
[Withers, Lorimer -
Geographers V.28; Milton - Laudian and Royalist Polemic in Seventeenth-Century England]
  Peter Heylin or Heylyn [1599-1662] was an English ecclesiastic and author of many polemical, historical, political and theological tracts. He incorporated his political concepts into his geographical books Microcosmus in 1621 and Cosmographie (1657).

Small 4to. pp. [xx] 180 179-510 501-808 [4]. 1 folding table. The penultimate leaf contains, "
Of the unknowne parts of the world," and the last leaf is blank.
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