Stock Market Profits - R. W. Schabacker, M.A. 1934 - B. C. Forbes Publishing Company, New York - First Edition ‘One of the early interpreters of the Dow Theory, editor of Forbes Magazine, Schabacker is the only author credited in the chartist’s bible, Technical Analysis of stock trends, by Edwards and Magee. Remarkably, by the time of his early death at age 36, he had produced three major works on the stock market, which are considered”among the most influential ever written on the technical side of the market” by Schultz and Coslow [A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom]. Schabacker is also remembered for his warning in September 1929 of an “impending major reaction”.’ - Dennistoun, Bubbles, Booms and Busts.

‘A comprehensive survey of current mechanism, practic and theory, by the financial editor of
Forbes magazine’ [Larson, Guide to Business History].
  References: Dennistoun 366. Zerden, Best Books on the Stock Market, 157. Larson, Guide to Business History, 1598. Schultz and Coslow.

pp. [6] ix-xxvii [1] 342.
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