Map of China. The 18 Provinces (Shipah-Shêng) - L. Richard, M. Kennelly 1908 - T’usewei Press, Shanghai A highly detailed, clean and fresh, large colour map of China [75 x 66 cm]. Transliterated by M. Kennelly S. J. Sicawei College.

Highlighting borders, The Great Wall, Capitals of Provinces, Railways, Prefectures, T’ing’s (independent and dependent), Chow’s (independent and dependent), Sub-prefectures or Hsiens, and
Important Places. Varying colour shading for altitudes, as well as sea depth.

This map may have been sold individually, or is one of the maps contained in the rear pocket of Richard’s
Comprehensive Geography of the Chinese Empire also published by the T’usewei Press in 1908.
  Provenance: Small blue stamp to verso of Mahoney Library, College of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, N.J. 07961.   Condition: Near fine, 1mm to 2mm splits at corner folds, else fresh from the press.   Ref: 106695   Price: HK$ 1,000