The Complete Set of 11 ‘Burma Pamphlets’ produced by the Burma Research Society. - Various 1943 to 1947 - Longmans, London and Calcutta - First and Only Editions Rare set of eleven pamphlets, produced under the auspices of the Burma Research Society, inaugurated in 1910, and whose members included such luminaries as John Furnivall, Charles Duroiselle, May Oung, Gordon Luce and Pe Maung Tin.

In addition to the incredible amount of well informed opinion and knowledge these pamphlets contain, they are profuesly illustrated with photographic plates, colour plates, drawings, diagrams, and maps.

1. Burma Background by B.R. Pearn – With three full page illustrations and one full page map.
2. Burma Setting by O.H.K. Spate – With two full page maps.
3. Buddhism in Burma by G. Appleton – With four photographic plates.
4. Burma Rice – With six photographic plates.
5. The Forests of Burma by F.T. Morehead – With seven photographic plates.
6. The Hill Peoples of Burma by H.N.C. Stevenson – With 19 photographic plates and one map to rear.
7. The Burman, An Appreciation by C.J. Richards – With six photographic plates.
8. The Karens of Burma by Harry I. Marshall – With eight illustrations (three full page) specially drawn by C. H. G. Moorhouse.
9. Burma Facts and Figures – Illustrated with schematics.
10. The Burma Petroleum Industry – With one folding map and 24 full page plates and diagrams.
11. The Birds of Burma - Bertram E. Smythies – With eight full page colour plates .
  These are the only eleven pamphlets to be published in the series, other titles ‘in preparation’ as at 1947 where ‘Pagan’ by G.H. Luce; ‘The New Burma’ by G. Appleton; and ‘The Indian Connection with Burma’ by K.M. Pannikar, however these do not appear to have been produced, according to Herbert’s bibliography of Burmah, and other sources (’Papers of Gordon Luce’ in the National Library of Australia, and The British Library).

Reference: Patricia Herbert,
Burma 816.

Ten slim octavo pamphlets. pp. [5] 44 [1]; [5] 35 [1]; [5] 49; [5] 32 [1]; [5] 67; .[5] 50 [1]; [5] 55 [2]; [7] 40 [1]; [7] 47; [5] ii 64 [3]; . [5] 65 [2]. Pagination includes endpapers. In publisher’s soft card wrappers, each pamphlet with map to front endpapers.
  Condition: Very good to near fine, some with the name of Mitchell in small ink to front board, one or two with the Burmese booksellers ink stamp.   Ref: 107173   Price: HK$ 3,900