From Russia, With Love - Ian Lancaster Fleming 1957 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, First Impression Fleming’s most convincing Cold-War thriller and an absolute classic; 007 does battle with SMERSH, the Soviet organisation of vengeance, interrogation, torture and death, and in particular their fearsome executioner Red Grant.

Smartly housed in custom made clamshell case, black half morocco, gilt titles.
  ‘Several aspects of the novel were based on current events. Early in 1950 an American spy, Eugene Karp, working in the Eastern Bloc, was murdered aboard the Orient Express. He was fleeing Romania after his cover was blown, but was intercepted on the great train by Soviet Assasins; the conductor was drugged and Karp’s body was found in a railway tunnel outside Salzburg.’

Spektor encoder was a fictional version of the German wartime Enigma machine, whose code-book Commander Flemming, together with the code-breakers at Bletchley Park, had formulated a plan to steal.’

Gilbert A5a 1.1: Book - First Edition, First Impression - Page 18, line 1: ‘the sexuality’ for ‘the asexuality’. Page 136, line 8: ‘ice twinkled’ for ‘ice tinkled’. In binding A with type A cloth (’
Fabroleen’). Dust jacket designed by Richard Chopping showing a sawn-off Smith & Wesson - First Edition - with rear panel showing six reviews for Diamonds are Forever - this was changed for the jacket used in part of the third and all of the 4th printings to reviews for From Russia with Love, Moonraker, Live and Let Die, Casino Royale and Dr. No.

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8vo. pp. 253 [3].
  Condition: Fine in very good dust jacket, toning to spine, rubbing to folds, and wear to spine ends and corners.   Ref: 107115   Price: HK$ 28,000