The Pothunters, Tales of St. Austin's, The Gold Bat, The Head of Kay's, - and - The White Feather. - P. G. Wodehouse 1972 to 1974 - Souvenir Press, London - First Souvenir Press Editions ‘Wodehouse in these early fables of inky fags and study fires at dusk, unwittingly released distant echoes of diaphanous lunacies to come....
Across the gulf of seventy years we perceive the authentic ambience’. - Benny Green,
The Spectator.

Five volumes encapsulating Wodehouse’s writing on boarding school life, the sports, camaraderie, Latin teachers, high jinks, and jolly good adventures. First published between 1902 to 1907.
  Condition: Near fine, postting to top edge in fine dust jackets.   Ref: 106757   Price: HK$ 1,200