The Cartier Collection: Jewelry - François Chaille, Eric Nussbaum 2004 - Editions Flammarion, Paris - First Edition A fine copy of this large, stunning, lavishly produced and profusely illustrated volume featuring more than 600 objects and drawings from Cartier’s jewellery archives, and including many foldout photographs. The accompanying text chronicles the history of this esteemed jewellery designer from its founding in 1847, through to the late twentieth century, and presents many highlights from the Cartier collection, from modern, Art Deco pieces inspired by the decorative styles of ancient Egypt, China, and Persia, to Cartier’s iconic ‘bestiary’ creations such as panther inspired pieces that would adorn Wallis Simpson, and various other designs that graced celebrities, from Barbara Hutton to Daisy Fellowes.

Text by François Chaille, based upon notes and writings by Eric Nussbaum.
  The esteemed jeweller and watchmaker, Cartier, was originally founded in 1847, by Louis-François Cartier.

François Chaille is an art historian and fashion expert, and has written several titles on the Cartier Collection.

´Eric Nussbaum is a Swiss-born gemologist, and the curator of the Art of Cartier Collection, which consists of archives and more than 1200 vintage Cartier pieces, in Geneva.

References: Moonan, ‘Antiques: An heirloom is resurrected at Cartier’
The New York Times 2002. Rizzoli, web.
(29.5 x 41.5 cm). pp. 384. In publishers cloth-covered, ribbon tied folding chemise.
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