The Willow Pattern. A Chinese Detective Story - Robert H. Van Gulik 1965 - Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York - First American edition The twelfth book in the Judge Dee Series, and chronologically twenty-third tale, being set in China in 676 AD. Judge Dee has been appointed emergency governor of the plague and drought ridden Imperial City.

With fifteen illustrations from woodblock prints, and blue and white endpapers, in Chinese style by Van Gulik.
  Dr. Robert Hans Van Gulik (1910-67) got his Ph.D. in Oriental languages at the age of 24, knew fluently about fifteen languages, produced a vast body of sometimes groundbreaking scholarly works on (mainly) Chinese culture, achieved a high proficiency in Chinese calligraphy and in playing the Chinese lute, very much like a mandarin of old times. His collection of Chinese artifacts and rare books merited a specific sale at Christie’s in 1983. Whilst doing all this he rose to become Netherlands ambassador to Japan before retiring, with his pet gibbon.

pp. [8] 184. In publisher’s light blue cloth, spine lettered in blue, small vignette to front panel in blue. Dust jacket priced at $3.50 to front flap.
  Condition: Fine in very good plus jacket, wrinkling to lower edge, light soiling.   Ref: 107622   Price: HK$ 1,300