La Chute - Albert Camus 1956 - Gallimard, Paris - First Edition (in French), First printing Number 233 of of 235 copies on ‘vélin pur fil Lafuma-Navarre’.

A lovely example – largely unopened – of the first edition of Camus’ philosophical novel, described by fellow existentialist Sartre as 'perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood' of Camus’ works. Published in English as ‘The Fall’
  Born in French Algeria, Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a French author, journalist, and philosopher, and the recipient of the 1957 Nobel Prize for literature. His significant contribution to philosophy was the idea of the absurd, and he did not consider himself an existentialist, despite frequently being classified as one, alongside fellow French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. His literary fiction and essays, including his masterpiece, L’´Etranger, are considered some of the most important works of the twentieth century. Sadly, Camus died in a car accident in 1960, at the age of forty-six.

References: Lennon, ‘
Camus and his women’ The Guardian 1997. King, Structure and Meaning in La Chute 1962.

Gallimard printed 1,330 copies of which there were – 35 copies on ‘vélin de Hollande van Gelder’ (at 3,500 francs), 235 copies on ‘vélin pur fil Lafuma-Navarre’ (at 1,600 francs), 1,050 copies on ‘vélin labeur’ (at 390 francs), and 10 copies on ‘alfa Navarre’.

Duodecimo. pp. 170 [6]. Publisher’s cream wrappers lined and lettered in red and black on covers and spine, in glassine jacket.
  Condition: Near fine, lightly toned at spine, internally fine and largely unopened.   Ref: 108279   Price: HK$ 15,000