The Small Bachelor - P. G. Wodehouse 1927 - Methuen & Co. Ltd., London - First Edition, in third issue dust jacket (1928) For George Finch, one of 'Nature's white mice' and probably the worst artist ever to put brush to canvas, there are many obstacles to overcome. Undoubtedly the greatest is his beloved Molly's fearsome stepmother, Mrs Waddington, who has her eye on an eligible English lord for a son-in-law. Luckily, George has an ally in sharp-witted Hamilton Beamish, an old family friend of the Waddingtons. Then there is George's butler Mullett and his light-fingered girlfriend, Fanny, whose valuable skills are of particular interest to the would-be father-in-law...   The Small Bachelor was based on the latter part of Oh Lady! Lady! (1918), one of the musical comedies produced by Kern-Bolton-Wodehouse. It was serialised in Liberty (US) from 18 September to 25 December 1926 1 and in New magazine (UK) between December 1926 and July 1927.

First published in UK: April 28 1927 by Methuen & Co, London
First published in US: June 17 1927 by George H. Doran, New York

References: The Russian Wodehouse Society. Madame Ulalie. McIlvaine A37a. Richard Usborne,
Plum Sauce. A P G Wodehouse Companion.
pp. [4] 251 [1] 8 ads. First edition first issue in blue cloth with black lettering (variants noted by McIlvaine include orange cloth and tan cloth).

In third issue dust jacket, listing
Good-Morning, Bill! (A Play) (published 1928) printed as latest title to the rear panel. The first issue was priced at 7/6 and second issue at 3/6 in same design as this copy but only listing eight titles to the rear panel. Verso with evidence of earlier paper reinforcement to folds and edges.
  Condition: Near fine, foxing to top edge, slight abrasion to title page, in dust jacket with large chips to head and tail of spine, and smaller chips to edges of rear panel, verso with evidence of earlier paper reinforcement to folds and edges.   Ref: 106772   Price: HK$ 4,000