Service with a Smile - P. G. Wodehouse 1962 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First English Edition Blandings Castle is very far being an earthly paradise.

Persecuted by Lady Constance, who has just given away his favourite hat, harried by his new secretary and various unwanted guests, Lord Emsworth is not a happy man. To top it all the Church Lads's Brigade is camped by the lake and Lord Emsworth has caught some of the boys teasing his beloved pig the Empress.

It's fortunate that Uncle Fred, whose speciality is spreading sweetness and light, is at hand to soothe his troubled brow. But not before further mayhem has descended on Blandings.
  First published in the US: October 15 1961 by Simon & Schuster, New York.
First published in the UK: August 17 1962 by Herbert Jenkins, London.

Reference: The Russian Wodehouse Society. Madame Ulalie. McIlvaine A85b.
pp. 192.
  Condition: Near fine, light spotting to foredge, in near fine price clipped dust jacket, light soiling to verso   Ref: 106778   Price: HK$ 1,600